Thursday, June 01, 2006

Welcome from Charlie McMillan, ADWP

From "Rosella Atencio-Gerst"
Subject Welcome from Charlie McMillan
Date Thu, June 1, 2006 9:22 am

This message is from Charlie McMillan, ADWP.

Dear ADWP Staff:

Welcome to the LANS Weapons Physics Directorate. While I recognize that
this transition to new management is a major one for Los Alamos, I’m also
certain that, based on its past, the Laboratory will not only survive but
will also thrive. As pointed out by retiring Director Kuckuck, the
transition from the Manhattan Project to the postwar Laboratory may have
been an even more daunting change than the current one. Los Alamos grew
stronger through that transition as it will through this one.

While the Manhattan generation continues to fade into the past, its rich
scientific history, created under the guidance of the University of
California, will continue to provide the foundation upon which Los Alamos
is grounded. Now is the time to honor that past by drawing on the strengths
of our rich history that can carry us forward as we work together to
realize an agile and responsive complex of the future.

As a member of the LANS team, I am committed to an integration of skills
and strengths­across the Weapons Physics Directorate, the Laboratory, and
the nuclear weapons complex. Although I’m a manager intent on creating an
environment in which good people do their best work, I’ve also been in your
shoes, as a developer of code and experimental diagnostics. I understand
the frustrations of trying to do good work in the environment of a large
and complex institution. I am committed to maintaining and increasing the
level of world-class science that is critical to Los Alamos’ role as a
leader in the transformation of the complex.

In addition to being program leaders, I am looking to WP’s three division
leaders­X-Division’s Paul Hommert, DE-Division’s Jay Dallman, and HX
Division’s James Peery, to exercise their dual role as communicators to
group leadership and to Directorate leadership. We will all try our best to
be aware of your needs and frustrations as well as of your accomplishments.
Only in this way can we maintain the kind of dialogue that is necessary to
fulfill our many commitments to the complex and the Nation.

Today, there is a unique opportunity to chart the course for the future of
the Labs and the complex. This is the place to be to help create that
future. This is why I am here. I trust that the same is true for you; that
together, we can do the high-quality work of the present moment while we
anticipate the needs of the future, moving forward into that future with
bold new ideas about weapons physics.

Don’t hesitate to contact my staff with issues you feel are important to
the Directorate. My office is on the 6th floor of the NSSB, and the main
office number for the Directorate is 667-8711.

Again, welcome. Here’s to a productive, exciting, and prosperous future for
Weapons Physics at Los Alamos.

Charlie McMillan
Associate Director

Well, Charlie (may I call you "Charlie"?), those are high-flyin' words. I hope that we'll be singing your praises as Subcomandante Charlie in a year, like we were able to do for Bob Kuckuck, after his year as Director. We'll be watchin' ya.
Not so surprising, it took Rosella to hit the send button.
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