Thursday, June 08, 2006

Types observed as having visted the blog

See if you can find yourself:

Here are a few that I have identified:

Propeller Head - goes without saying
Crybaby - definitely
Artful Dodger - I have not seen this one yet
Blowhard - obviously
Big Cat - there's at least one of those lurking out there
Centurion - we have been lectured by a couple of these
Diplomat - nope
Ferrous Cranus - at least one
God - 'fraid so
Jekyll and Hyde - yup
Jerk - oh, yeah
Nitpick - this is LANL, after all
Tireless Rebutter - we have at least two here


This might be fun:

Put up your list of candidates for the roster of types you have identified, and let the blog readers offer their opinions of which pseudonymous poster in "Column B" matches an entry type in "Column A."

I will start the ball rolling by matching "Anonymous" with "God."
I was kinda thinking the Howlers drove most of the other types out by now.
Urban legend, Duggie Boy. A few of us are still here.
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