Friday, June 09, 2006

This is interesting

Look who all is reading the blog, all at the same time...

Oh, my! Rich Marquez got caught with his pants down, yet again. Hey, Marquez. Stop using government issued computers to browse the blog on company time. Don't you know this can now get you fired? Oh, wait, wasn't it Marquez who issued that memo several months ago warning us all that LANL was going to start closely monitoring staff web usage? What a shmuck!
Please make the text larger. It's unreadable in my browser.
Just click on any of the logs. They are jpegs, your browser should give you a larger version.
Wasn't it Marquez who sent out the scare memo a month or two ago which implied that LANL employees would be fired for inappropriate use of government computer equipment, such as READING THE BLOG?
Hey, Marquez. Ever heard of using a web proxy, you idiot?
I suggest you try one. How about "". That
will save your ass next time you decide to check out what
the blog is saying about you. Geez! Some people should
never be allowed to even touch a PC's keyboard.
Maybe Marquez wants you to know he's watching.

You disgruntled masses apparently didn't read the fine print in your employment contract.

Clause 87, paragraph 16, regarding acceptable workplace behaviors states as follows:

...all mere employees of the institution will do as you're told not as we, the chosen ones, do. As far as sexual harassment in the work place goes only the chosen ones, or if your initials happen to be RM, will this be tolerated. The rest of you just keep your dirty thoughts and restless hands to yourself.

From Among The Most High
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