Monday, June 05, 2006

Reader's Forum change

Reader's Forum change

June 5, 2006

The Laboratory's internal and external Web sites are undergoing some changes. Among these is the removal of the Daily Newsbulletin's Reader's Forum section from the Lab's external (public) Web view. The Daily Newsbulletin will continue to be accessible to external audiences, but the Reader's Forum, a venue for open discussion among employees, will now only be available internally to active Laboratory employees. Employees wanting to access the Reader's Forum from outside the Laboratory will need to use a CRYPTOcard.

At the risk of sounding like one of those who is a member of "a collection of whiners and nah-sayers, who, despite whatever outcome, will never cease from saying 'I told you so' " as an earlier post characterizes the current crop of blog contributors,

I told you so.

Welcome to the first stage of the LANS, LLC Corporate Clam-up. But, by all means, keep those letters to the NewsBulletin coming!
One might almost suspect that LANS knows that they are going to have issues arising which they will want to keep secret. I suppose with the blog shutting down at the end of this month they will have a pretty good shot at secrecy from that point on.
This seems like a silly thing to do since anyone with a website, blog or not, could simply copy any new letters to a public site that search engines could find very easily.
Want to bet that this will be made a security violation and anyone caught doing it will be prosecuted accordingly. If things get out of hand maybe they will do away with it entirely so that there will be no communications except for the LANS,LLC intranet which I am sure will have some text stating that it is proprietary information, etc, etc, etc kind of like the pop up on our lab computers. I think open communications are going to get a lot tighter then you are use to.
Speaking of clams, Baghdad Bob must be happy as one with this announcement. And speaking of BB, where did he go? I haven't heard him spouting the official party line lately.
Does anyone suspect that the new LANL management may be a bit paranoid?
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