Thursday, June 08, 2006

Read between the lines

Submitted by Anonymous:

Apparently, all Lab hiring is stopped until a Master Management Memo giving the hiring rules is issued, probably next week. HR has been ordered not to process any hires until the memo comes out. In addition, the much-cursed Hiring Council is officially dead. BUT all hiring --- if any --- must be approved by Associate Directors -- no delegating. Other than LANS managers, it's not clear whether ANYBODY has been hired, other than students, since April 24.

Not exactly forthcoming, are they? LANS apparently hopes to hide the inevitability of the looming budget shortfall from the employees for just a little bit longer. I suspect that "openness" will not come to be known as one of the LANS, LLC bywords.
More "suspicions". How come all suspicions are expressed as a negative?
What I can not believe is that LANS would want to hire anyone considering that they should soon have to get rid of many in order to make up for that $250M they are in the hole. Why would anyone in their right mind take a job with LANS knowing that they are "at will" and probably would be the first to go out the door when the pink slipd start flying.
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The latest rumor is that in order to avoid a RIF, we will all be taking a 10% pay cut.
Speaking of pay cuts, is anyone else surprised that UPTE did not issue a final salary list, while LANL was still a public institution?
Let's do some math. Assume an average salary for all LANL employess of $100,000. Could be high, could be low, but let's assume that number. Let's also assume 9,000 employees. Could be high, could be low. Let's use 9,000.

10% salary reduction is $90 million. Not enough by a factor of three.
Assume a layoff of 400 TSMs (salary + benefits ~$150 k/yr) and
a layoff of 400 SSMs/TECs (salary + benefits ~$75 k/yr). This
get you a savings of $90 million per year. Now add in that 10%
salary reduction of $90 million and we're at $180 million. That
should just about do it, so long as no one makes any purchase
of lab equipment over the next few years.

It's going to be painful watching this slow train wreck occur
at LANL.

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Anastascio told us that "integration" and hiring more support staff to help the TSMs would cover for all those missing funds. Don't any of you people believe him? David sez: "Think positive thoughts". Everything will be fine. Heck, LANL will be better than ever, just you wait and see, you nagging na-bobs of negativity.
Spiro Agnew (late, lamented, pre-neocon VP under Dick Nixon, who is now viewed as a flaming leftist-liberal Republican Prezydent) first used the phrase (thanks to his speechwriter, Bill Safire, now a neo/theo/con apologist) "nattering nabobs of negativism." (Just for the record. -Ed.)
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