Thursday, June 01, 2006

Privatization and crony capitalism in the nuclear weapons complex

Dear Doug --

Readers may be interested in a recent review two of us wrote about the
contracting situation around the nuclear weapons complex, available

It's not very polished (sorry about that), but there's quite of bit of
useful data in it, not just in the text, but also in the endnotes and

Part of what's being lost in the discussion of the LANL contracting
situation is the big picture, both in space and time. It's difficult to
adequately summarize the vast literature on nuclear weapons contractor
malfeasance -- or even living experience -- without seeming merely
conclusory. Portions of the report may read that way. We just didn't
have time to write a book.


Greg Mello
Greg Mello
Los Alamos Study Group
2901 Summit Place NE
Albuquerque, NM 87106
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(signal very weak in the office; messages
on cell phone may not be received promptly)

An incestuous relationship...on the part of both the contractors and the feds :(

I fully understand and agree with the freedom of speech that we all enjoy in the United States of America.

But, I am tired of listening to your dribble on this blog.

It’s bad enough to pretend that I enjoy your signs as I travel between Albuquerque and Los Alamos.

How do you think you would make out in Korea or Iran if you talked the way you are talking here?

Suggestion, maybe you could since you are an expert in nuclear weapons, travel to Iran and see if you can get them to listen to you expound on your ideas. I’m sure the President would be very appreciative of your efforts.

Have a good trip!

Pit Maker
Pit Maker:

Are you married? I think I'm in love.
What I find interesting about Greg's criticisms of LANL privatization is they are practically identical to the complaints that many LANL employees have been posting on this blog.
Although I do agree that the billboards are stupid, especially the part about "NM: first in nuclear weapons, first in poverty."
KB, obviously a causal link between nuclear weapons and poverty of which many are unaware.

Given that NM is high on the lists for unwed teenage birthrates, uninsured motorist rates, DWI rates, "dumbest states", etc., in the country - symptoms arguably related to poverty. I cannot help but come to the conclusion that there is also a link between nuclear weapons and these conditions.

Though that billboard did make me wonder how much NM's rep as "Stepping Stone to the Third World" would be affected if Sandia and LANL were not around.
Let's see: A is True, B is True, ergo A causes B. What kind of logic is this?
David, edu-ity is speaking with tongue-in-cheek.
Not to worry - in ten years you'll be living in North Mexico. We already have the third-world corrupt politics and bribes, and new voters are streaming across the border every day.
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