Thursday, June 01, 2006

Michael R. Anastasio, DIR

To/MS: All Employees
From/MS: Michael R. Anastasio, DIR, A100
Phone/Fax: 7-5101/7-2997
Symbol: DIR-06-001L
Date: June 1, 2006

Subject: Partnering for the Future

Today marks the start of a new era in the illustrious history of
Los Alamos National Laboratory, and I am extremely honored and
proud to be a part of the new management team that will lead the
Laboratory into its next phase.

Los Alamos has been unparalleled in its scientific and
technological excellence since its inception more than 63 years
ago, and I strongly believe that the best is yet to come.
Transitions and changes are never easy, and I won't pretend that
the next several months will not be challenging as we sort our way
through immediate adjustments and prepare for the challenges that
lay ahead. Yet, I look forward to the opportunities the challenges
will afford us, and I am certain that each and every one of you is
more than up to the task.

Science at the highest level must continue to thrive at Los Alamos
so that we can accomplish our missions. This requires all of us
working together to create an environment that enables
unparalleled science through leadership, innovation, best business
practices and a focus on safe and secure operations. Your
tireless efforts over the years have helped ensure the nation's
safety and security. I am confident you will work as a team to
make Los Alamos the premier national security science laboratory
for the 21st century. You have my commitment that I will do all in
my power to help ensure that you have the necessary tools to
continue the Laboratory's legacy of excellence.

Each of you has a role in the success of Los Alamos National
Laboratory, and every one of you is critical to this success.
Accomplishments are of greatest value when advancing our progress
toward the institution's goals. Further, accomplishments are not
solely the result of one person's efforts, but rather the result
of support that the individual receives from others.

In the coming weeks, I and other members of the senior management
team intend to travel about the Laboratory meeting with as many of
you as possible. I want to hear your thoughts about how we can
accomplish our mission, achieve our goals, and meet our
challenges. Taking the Laboratory into the future is a team
effort, and I cannot stress enough the importance of your role as
part of that team.

Again, I am honored to serve as director of this remarkable
institution, and on behalf of the entire management team, I thank
you for your commitment. I am excited about what lies ahead.

Today marks a sad day for our country and the beginning of an era that will be characterized by LANL and basic science research at LANL spiralling downward to extinction.

What is yet to come is a production facility devoid of research and the resulting envrionmental mess that will exceed the contamination at Rocky Flats.

Instead of LASG moaning about how horrible designing nuclear weapons is, it should be looking to the future when the mesas will be an environmental disaster that will never be cleaned up.
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