Monday, June 12, 2006

Medical Coverage Terminated for Some Retirees

Submitted by Stephen Younger:

Medical Coverage Terminated for Some Retirees

Retired people may wish to verify that their medical
coverage was carried over in the transition to the new
Los Alamos contractor. When I tried to order
prescriptions, I was told that my coverage was
cancelled on May 31. Further investigation, including
numerous telephone calls to the lab, the UC, and
United Healthcare, revealed that a "computer error"
caused a number of individuals to be dropped from the
rolls, despite the fact that deductions were being
made from retirement checks. I was informed that this
problem is being fixed by Hewitt (sp?), the new
subcontractor who is handling benefits. In the event
of an emergency, the service provider will tell you
that you are without insurance, but I was told that
they could call the subcontractor for validation. I
tried this, but United Healthcare declined to make any
calls and merely reiterated that we had no coverage -
it was not their problem and they suggested that I
contact the lab. The subcontractor was very nice but
their general conclusion was that things would be
fixed within a week and that no problem existed. I
was told that all of this was explained in a letter
sent on May 30, which I have yet to receive. Again,
you may wish to check on your own coverage.


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