Sunday, June 11, 2006

House Moves to Abolish NNSA Counterintelligence Office

Submitted by Anonymous:


Looks like parts of NNSA are now being brought back
into the clutches of DOE. So much for NNSA
independence. It's back to the old ways of doing
business. Not that it matters much, as NNSA will
likely be left to handle the production side of things
at the labs, and that is going to be the biggest
component in our future. The recent news of NNSA
screwups in handling the theft of personal data at DOE
ABQ will cause this NNSA CI office move to happen
rather quickly. It's clear to me that the NNSA
"experiment" is being seen by more and more people in
Washington as a dismal failure.


House Moves to Abolish NNSA Counterintelligence Office
- May 16, 2006

The Counterintelligence Office of the National Nuclear
Security Administration (NNSA) would be abolished
under new legislation and its functions would be
reintegrated into the Department of Energy.

The action would mark a striking reversal of one of
the key intelligence reforms adopted following a
series of security lapses at the Department of Energy
national laboratories in the 1990s, which led to the
establishment of the NNSA with its own
counterintelligence activity.


NNISA (National Nuclear InSecurity Administration): yet another organization doing an Admirable job. I don't care what Brook's pedegree says, he's as big a screwup as Nanos was. Maybe DARPA has room for one more incompetent/disgraced retired naval officer.
Does anyone really think the NNSA has proven to be a good idea? If so, you haven't been watching... Its creation is due the Senator Domenici, and the Labs, to escape oversight, not to optimize it. Then DOE Secretary Richardson opposed NNSA, and for good reasons.

The second thing Domenici did, with Bingaman, after creating the NNSA, was to insist that the DOE ABQ office couldn't be cut, thus undermining the whole idea, and preserving the jobs.

If anyone really thinks the NNSA works, go meet Ed Wilmot, the head of NNSA "oversight" at LANL. Not encouraging. He seems more likely to encourage the "appearance" of oversight than to have any.

We are moving back to the AEC era, when the complex was focused on production and environmental/worker safety concerns be damned. That ended with Admiral Watkins and the Tiger Team. Well, its back...
Nothing succeeds like the APPEARANCE of success.
(As any fool of a dog can plainly see.)
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