Friday, June 09, 2006

DOE computers hacked; Info on 1,500 taken

LANL folks may find this item interesting. Please post anonymously.

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> Energy Department Officials Weren't Immediately Told
> Of Personnel-Data Breach Associated Press
> June 9, 2006 2:55 p.m.
WASHINGTON -- A hacker stole a file containing the names and Social Security numbers of 1,500 people working for the Energy Department's nuclear-weapons agency.


Full Story

"NNSA Administrator Linton Brooks told a House hearing that he learned of the security break late last September, but did not inform Energy Secretary Samuel Bodman about it. It had occurred earlier that month.

Bodman first learned of the theft two days ago, according to his spokesman.

"He's deeply disturbed by the way this was handled," said Craig Stevens, a spokesman for Bodman."

Bodman should have been here a few years ago when Nanos and Brooks were "running" LANL. He'd have been really deeply disturbed.
And the missing classified disks over at DOE-ABQ -- what happened
to them? How come we never heard any more about that story. We
know what happened to our "missing" disks. They never existed.
How come DOE has never come clean on their incident over in ABQ?
Sounds like it's time to do a 7 month shut-down of the DOE-ABQ
office. Where's Admiral Butthead when you really need him?
Another indication that NNSA is out of control.
Must have been that spyware infected porno video out at DOE ABQ. Damn that video. Its was soooo hot! I've never seen a girl do THAT with a FatMan before. Wow!!
ok... i've just learned that my personal data has been compromised as a result of this incident... what should i do/who should i inform...i'm setting here bare naked but with no idea as to what i should do???
Oh... i missed the part about the DOE alb Ser Center...they'll just blame it on some dumb ass contractor and seek a public hanging
Can you *imagine* how much productivity would increase if DOE were shut down for 7 months?
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