Thursday, June 01, 2006

Day One: No More Reader's Forum

Submitted by Anonymous:

Did you notice that the link to the Employee Forum is no longer on the LANL
Newsbulletin website:

Is this an accident of web management or is it intentional?

It looks intentional. Reader's Forum is still acccessible from the yellow LANL web, just not externally on the green.
No huge surprise here. LANS, LLC is a private corporation. There is no longer any need to air all that dirty laundry. LANL staff may now safely whine and complain about all those important issues, such as bicycle safety and poor office trash pickup in the privacy of their own home.

Remember, however, to make those letters to the Newsbulletin scathing, even though the rest of the world will no longer be able to see them. I'm sure the LANS managers will appreciate it.
This certainly sets the tone of the new management. Mum's the word, as far as the outside world goes. Don't expect much openness from LANS, LLC. What happens at LANL stays at LANL.
They had the "new home page" up even though none of us could find charge codes (and T&E will be okayed Monday)..... and also note the LANL orgs are no longer on the home page... organization? There is none that I've see so far although the phone lists still have us listed under old groups that no longer exist. Some new groups still don't even have names! Like they couldn't have thought about this stuff before today?

The mail stop juggle this summer should be fun too......

And I loved the YOU HAVE NO AUTHORITIES... YES YOU DO.... NO YOU DON'T all day long....
Don't you people have anything better to do than bitch, bitch, bitch?

If you don't like working for LANS/LANL...get the f*** outta here.
after you
What? You now have to click TWO buttons to reach the precious Reader's Forum? Get something real to complain about!

I reached the Reader's Forum through the public LANL page (from home) in less than 15 seconds. This FACT obviates almost all comments made on this thread regarding LANS' nefarious plans to quell internal dissent.

Whats next?
Perhaps you would be kind enough to share the link. I still can't find the Letters to the Editor section of the NewsBulletin (reader's forum). It's not on the site map:

The NewsBulletin is, but not the reader's forum.

It is really three clicks from the external 'public' page.
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