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Data on nuclear agency workers hacked: lawmaker

By Chris Baltimore

WASHINGTON (Reuters) - A computer hacker got into the U.S. agency that guards the country's nuclear weapons stockpile and stole the personal records of at least 1,500 employees and contractors, a senior U.S. lawmaker said on Friday.

The target of the hacker, the National Nuclear Safety Administration, is the latest agency to reveal that sensitive private information about government workers was stolen.

The incident happened last September but top Energy Department officials were not told about it until this week, prompting the chairman of the House of Representatives Energy and Commerce Committee to demand the resignation of the head of the NNSA.


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<- Watch The the lips as he speaks from both sides of his his shifty, beady eyes...

[6/10/2006 5:51pm update: Actually, my esteemed blog co-maintainer assisted me in describing Admiral Brooks with the sentence above (eyes, mouth, etc...). Not, mind you, that I disagree with the characterization much. I sat across the table from Brooks back on December 17, 2004 in a meeting held at LANL which had ostensibly been scheduled to allow staff to bring forward issues of concern regarding the then still in-progress shutdown. I was struck by the fact that Brooks was a 100% party line political kind of person. His stated position: the lab-wide shutdown was justified, period. I knew better. It was at that point that I lost respect for him. Details of that meeting can be seen here:


"Committee chairman Rep. Joe Barton said NNSA Administrator Linton Brooks should be "removed from your office as expeditiously as possible" because he did not quickly notify senior Energy Department officials of the breach.

"And I mean like 5 o'clock this afternoon if it's possible," Barton, a Texas Republican, said in a statement."

Now we're talking.
i think joe barton is just playing politics... but i think the real issue is that doe/nnsa get a $bil+ a year for cyber security & they can't even protect the basics of info security...whl must be lhao
Not to imply that megaton1 can't see the irony here, but let's just spell it out for the irony-impaired:

Brooks was fully aware that the purported 2004 missing LANL CREM never even existed. He knew that the media in question had never existed just one day after Nanos shut the place down. He was told so via a conference call made from Nanos' office on the morning of July 17. Regardless, throughout its entire 7 month duration he "fully backed" Nanos' decision to have shut the laboratory down. A shutdown triggered over a security infraction that did not occur.

Now we discover that Brooks is complicit in covering up an actual security incident involving sensitive electronic media at DOE.

That, folks, is irony.
AMEN Spode
Brooks is so gone on this one. I give him a week and he'll be removed from his position over at NNSA. It's one thing to lose personal data. It's quite another to lose it and then cover up the fact for 10 frigg'in months! NNSA didn't even bother to tell those who had their SSN's stolen that it had been compromised. What a bunch of complete morons!
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The only thing that is surprising is that these relevations have become public. The standard business practice at DOE/NNSA is to quickly sweep real problems under the rug, and pray that the taxpayers don't find out that their money is being squandered by incompetent bureaucrats. DOE sites (i.e. Sandia, Pantex, etc) regularly fail cyber security audits, but there is never any penalty; nobody is ever held accountable for the shortcomings. I call it the "carrot and carrot" approach. If you pass, we'll give you millions of dollars. If you fail, we'll give you even more stacks of money because you claim underfunding is the reason you are failing. The failures are never anyone's fault. I've encountered cyber security managers that don't have a clue how a web server works, or what TCP/IP is, or how many firewalls their organization utilizes. There are the exceptions, of course, but most are in their positions as a result of nepotism or totally incompetent superiors that put them in their positions. None of these people are ever fired, even after repeatedly miserably failing audits. One particular story immediately came to mind when I saw the Washington Post piece on NNSA getting hacked. Remember the Sandia security guy that was fired for working with the Army and the FBI because his superiors told him to ignore breaches of military and other government networks because they were not Sandia's? (

Linton Brooks isn't going anywhere. None of these people are going anywhere. It's nobody's fault. It's a "communication error." How utterly absurd is it that Tom Pyke, DOE's official charged with cyber security, said that he "only learned of the incident a few days ago." How can it be that the person in charge of DOE cyber security was not informed about a serious intrusion into their network for nine months? The employees that had their personal information stolen had a right to informed, but they are only now doing it because the story went public. What kind of clowns are running this show? The public is seriously supposed to believe that the theft of 1500 employee names, social security numbers, dates of birth, and security clearance information wasn't worth mentioning at one of these daily briefings? What a bunch of BS. I guarantee you , once again, that nobody will be held accountable. This is the DOE way. On the other hand, they may be able to scrounge up some peon contractor to hang out to dry -- if anything at all.
I found this blog while researching the data leak at NNSA.

Wow, you guys are certainly disgruntled, and now I can see why.
I would be LMAO as well if we hadn't been hung out to dry by this as_ho_e.

If you examine the problems at ALL of the DOE sites, there has to be a common denominator. Hopefully, Congress will one day acknowledge where the real problems lie. Of course, everything will be privatized by then...
BelchSpeak, I'm ROTFL about that link. Funny piece and an interesting site. Some of the other articles posted at that site are also well worth reading( BelchSpeak-Your Fired: ). I'm definitely going to bookmark it.
"Watch The the lips as he speaks from both sides of
his mouth... watch his shifty, beady eyes..." -- Doug

You just know he's got his people over at NNSA thinking "How can
we divert this thing from pointing directly at NNSA and, instead,
use it to bang on the head of our contractors?"

Watch for NNSA to now go into overdrive and issue some harsh new
directives for contractor cyber-security as a cover for this
incredible screw-up NNSA just performed. And doesn't Brooks look
remarkably like Sgt. Schultz ("I know nothing, n-o-t-h-i-n-g!").

I have posted the insider the real nuclear security system design at this url.

Hidden security is to end. And all the jackass is to have its day in court or the weapons will really blow,

DOE and Congrssional Committe nuclear security is over now.
You've got to go check out this guys web site. What a total nut-cake! The tin-foil hat crowd has apparently re-entered this blog after the NNSA story hit the major news wires. His hand-drawn diagrams of a so-called nukes are real gems.
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Hmmm, Crittenburg's diagrams looks like Livermore's new RRW design. Way to go, guy! Fabulous job. NNSA will love it. I have one suggestion, though. On the first diagram, you forgot to add the plasma discombobulator. Can't forget that one, now, can we?

I guess this is an excellent example of the type of nuclear weapons "engineer" that NNSA will be hiring over the next few decades, given our new thread-bare benefits package.
So, Mr. Brooks. When were you going to inform your contractors that
their SSN and other personal information had been hacked from DOE
computers? Next week? Next month? Next year? Perhaps after you
had made an exit with a comfortable retirement? Maybe never?

How inconvenient this all must have been for you. Oh, well. The
inconvenience will soon be over. I predict you'll be out of your
office by the end of next week. Already, as we speak, wheels are
turning in Washington to have you removed. Perhaps you can find
a nice paying job over at DTRA with your old friend and Navy buddy,
Admiral Nanos. I understand he's getting lonely.

Auf Wiedersehen, Mr. Brooks. In the word of GW: "You've done one
hellava job, Brookie". And don't we all know it.
Lynton Brooks
Robert Dynes
"Bob" Foley
George P. Nanos

That was the chain of command. Three retired Navy officers and one rich, corrupt university president. Nanos got himself fired for being incompetent, but he managed to wangle a nice fat golden parachute on the way out. For a while there it looked like Dynes was going to get himself fired over the financial corruption he promoted inside UC, and he still could. Foley seems teflon-coated, but Brooks woke up a few mornings ago to find his fat ass in a sling. It is too bad none of them are receiving the treatment they really deserved: termination for cause.
How does one find out if he is on the list? I'm presently battling a recent case of identity theft and credit fraud.
When all else fails...blame the janitor.

File an FOIA with DOE to see if your name is on the list.

You will get notified by NNSA if your name is on the list, as I did yeaterday by voicemail.
You can also order free credit reports from all 3 bureaus from
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