Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Commentary: Trashed and trampled

I hesitate to post this, in anticipation of the expected cries of "the blog is biased", "a haven for whiners and complainers", "and hate mongerers", "get over it, the train is rolling", "the blog is bad for LANL" and etc.... Go for it, David.

However, I prefer to mirror pretty much all news that pops up on my google news alert, both good and bad, and not just certain parts of it. So here we go, from the Albuquerque Tribune:



Commentary: Trashed and trampled

The pollutants from powerful Los Alamos National Lab are undeniable, and the state must insist on remediation

By Brian Shields
June 7, 2006

The elephant in the room that nobody wants to talk about is the pollution legacy of the Manhattan Project.

It threatens the Rio Grande and Santa Fe's regional aquifer.

And the 1,000-pound gorilla is Los Alamos National Laboratory, where the wastes were generated.


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Time to increase LANL Foundation donations to surrounding communities and deploy the Lab's army of Public Affairs spin doctors, Government Relations lobbyists and Community Relations bag men. Let the finger-pointing begin!
The logic here baffles me:

"Moreover, with the highest concentration of Ph.D.s and millionaires in the entire country, along with a small army of lawyers, Los Alamos can throw its weight around and successfully squelch any effort by affected communities to hold it accountable for the threat it poses to New Mexico's future water supply."

I am a Los Alamos Ph.D., and still have aspirations of joining the millionaire club someday. What could possibly motivate me to spend my money or education on "squelching any effort by affected communities..."?

Or does he mean that the Lab is going to use its resources to fight cleanup? In that case, the mention of PhD millionaires in Los Alamos just sounds like sour grapes.
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