Monday, June 05, 2006

Cheer up, because the train is already rolling

There was a time when this blog was essential reading for LANL employees and interesting reading for outsiders and the media. I complement you, Doug, for setting it up and for allowing us to vent our feelings when Pete (a.k.a., the 'admiral') had our laboratory on the wrong track, in a crash course to what seemed like self-destruction. Moral was at an all time low, worse than during the funding crisis of 1993-4. The BLOG was said by some to have had an effect on Pete's resignation. I remember when people would say at work and at parties, 'did you see what the BLOG said last night'.... It sure went far beyond the Newsbulletin and 'Tell Pete' in openness.

The time has come for people to pick up their pieces and move on. The contract is done, ~95% accepted the status quo and picked staying with TCP1. Some are taking the TCP2 plan after locking their retirement with UC. Some have left, retired, done. It has been noted by many workers and outsiders that this BLOG has become the frying pan (no, i did not say cesspool) for a collection of whiners and nah-sayers, who, despite whatever outcome, will never cease from saying 'I told you so' and will demonstrate this with all sorts of examples that they concoct or rip out of context. The more whining and negative postings, the less effective this blog has become in finding solutions or helping people to think beyond the status quo. It's such a negative read that it has become difficult to understand how some people can be so down and out about LANL anymore. So be it. The BLOG is ending here.

Cheer up, because the train is already rolling, LANS has taken over, many programs are seeing a positive light ahead. Sure there will be toothing pains, and inefficiences to smooth out, but screaming on this BLOG just doesn't get much respect anymore. Good luck Doug, and thanks for the timely development here. There will probably be replacement BLOGS which some may start, as an alternative, after you shut this one down in July. If they cannot come forth with more forward-thinking and positive discussions, they may have a hard time surviving, keeping readership and participation. The incentive just isn't here anymore within LANL to read 'the real story' when we are living it and making it happen with our actions and work in programs, groups, divisions, etc. As someone once said "live it, or live with it".

Best Regards,
J. Lyles

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Yes, Cheer up by all means. It doesn't matter that careers were ruined, families were destroyed, lives were lost, and no restitution has been made. Get over it and forget about your coworkers, all that really matters is that you're OK. Just ride the train and keep telling yourself LANS is good, LANS is good, LANS is good. I'm glad I retired and will not be returning.
J. Lyles is right on target. It's time to stop complaining, whining, moaning, groaning, philosophizing and daydreaming about the good old days. A new dawn has arrived, and it's time to start sucking-up. So you can either pull out the industrial size chap stick, butter up the old sphincter muscle and follow JL's lead up the corporate ladder of success, or stay behind mourning over your loss of pension benefits. So what if you’ll have to work an additional ten years because of it. Just get over it and move on. Let's make JL proud.

6/05/2006 08:56:18 AM
Don't think it was ~95% that went into TCP1, as the poster seems to imply.
66% = TCP1

33% = TCP 2

~1% = Retired and Gone

I wonder how many of that TCP 2 are retired but double dipping. That make the retention number look real good for propaganda purposes especially when they know the people from LLNL are reading this thinking, whoo it can't be that bad. I think I'll do the same. This is of course what I would expect.
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