Monday, June 12, 2006

And speaking of our leaders...

Doug -

Thought you might appreciate this. I was rummaging around in the DOE
orders today trying to find something (anything!) relating to the
protection of employees/contractor information. Couldn't find
anything. But I did find the 14 pages of regulations governing parking
in the Forrestal Building. 14 pages!

John Fleck
science writer, Albuquerque Journal

Fortunately, the term "parking space" is defined on page 13 for those less familiar with the DC lexicon.
And this is not even the stretch-limo game that UC was fond of playing for the "benefit" of the Regents. (Guess they had some "parking" issues at those fancy restaurants while the Regents porked out, so to speak...)
14 pages. Well done, DOE. I'm happy to see my tax dollars being so well spent.
I wonder if there is an associated training plan with a parking refresher that must be completed annually.
The best phrase in the article is this:
"...too many federal bureaucrats chasing too little work. The result was a smothering blanket of oversight..."

This brings to mind the current situation at LANL.

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