Wednesday, May 31, 2006

What other surprises are there upcoming

Doug---please post anonymously if you think this is interesting

Did anyone else notice that, seemingly without a word,
the UHC accounts started reading LANS as employer
rather than UC in early May. I received an
"explanation of services" letter from UHC and noted
that my employer was LANS. This was dated early May
for services in April. The UHC person I talked to had
"no clue" why or when the changeover in employer had
occurred, even though we obviously don't start as LANS
employees til June 1. A call to the LANL benefits
office confirmed that this "change" had been made in
early May. Why? And why no word (unless I missed it)
about the premature change?

And did anyone notice that on today's pay stub a
small, oh so small, note about an increase in costs
for life insurance through LANS?

Has there been a notice on this other than small type
on a pay stub no one looks at?

A harbinger of things to come? News ways of doing
business"? What other surprises are there upcoming
from LANS that will be "substantially equivalent" to
what we had?

Check your sick leave. I accrued 16 hours of vacation but a 4- in the accrued/adjusted column.
Interesting... my last request for 9 hours sick got got split into 4.5 sick/vacation and no real explanation but something vague about no sick leave on the day before or after a holiday?? HUH??? And this was still under UC???
LANS posted the new supplemental life rates on their website in April. The only horsey part is that the rates are supposed to be effective "June 1" so why did the payment come out of our last UC paycheck?
LOL good question.... and why did my UHC coverage change over to LANS before I even turned in the paperwork to BE a LANS employee???
Bodman seeks to minimize accountability by saying "I am convinced that no NNSA employee could have prevented this attack." UC Regent Chairman Gerald Parsky took a similar tact when he cautioned against "rushing to judgment" (with respect to the recent compensation scandal at UC) by saying, “I believe it is in the best interest of the University for the Regents to have all of the relevant information available and then agree on a plan of action”. Parsky provides proactive cover as well for UC President Bob Dynes, cautioning us with “any critique of Dynes' performance should include his contributions to research and education at the vast university.” So accountability, to these folks at least, means basically nothing. In the mean time the less fortunate among us get tarred and feathered by these same folks for losing classified storage devices that never existed, one of our brethren gets put in solitary confinement for months because he copied his own data. The fact the data in question wasn't even classified when it was copied then gets lost in the fire storm that ensues once it becomes apparent that what was supposed to have been the "spy of the century," is anything but that. And then there's the media leaks by "unnamed sources" in the know, that places people at risk and ends up destroying reputations. And even after those leaks are later determined to be false we not only allow those responsible to escape accountability, we actually elect them to higher office! This suggests it matters little to society anymore that these inequities occur, or that those being victimized are suffering heart attacks, strokes and even death because of it. Those in positions of power therefore feel free to continue doing what they're doing; ruthlessly persecuting whistleblowers while, at the same time, protecting those responsible for destroying the legacy of a once great national lab by providing them golden parachutes to leave and/or promoting them to stay quiet. And so the insanity continues, unimpeded in its quest to dominate, nurtured by a society that's grown complacent and numb to the sufferings of others. This is the world we've created. Worse yet perhaps, this is the world we leave behind. The hope that was once the United States is fast becoming but a distant memory. The decline of the American Empire is unfolding right before our eyes and we don't even realize it. How sad.
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