Wednesday, May 24, 2006

What a great way to start the day!

Please post anonymously.

After traversing the parking lots for 20 minutes, I finally
parked on a yellow striped area. After getting into the 'pod',
I wander to my office, passing the always closed between 8 a.m and
8:30 a.m. bathrooms. Who needs those in the morning, anyway?
Finally, the pleasant trek to my office, through trash can lined hallways,
since our trash is picked up only once a week.

What a great way to start the day!

-Thanks for the opportunity to vent.

My, my! You poor dear. Your job sounds truly horrible. If I were you I'd write your congressman about the appalling situation at LANL.
Better yet, write a scathing letter to the LANL NewsBulletin. I have it on good authority that the new LLC promises to be very favorably disposed towards whiny complainers.
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Jeez, no wonder Los Alamos has a reputation for being home to a bunch of over-privileged, over-paid, self-centered complainers. Just wait until LANS LLC takes over next week, and LANL staff all become at-will employees. Wait until the realities of the FY 07 budget shortfalls can't be ignored any longer, a few months from now. Wait until those of you who still work here a year or two from now wake up one morning and discover that LANL's number one mission has suddenly become plutonium pit manufacturing.

Then you will have something to complain about, because you sound like one of those people who will still be here then. You clearly prefer complaining about trivial shit to finding a better place to work.
"Important" issues like this one belong in the LANL News Bulletin, not the LANL Blog. Oh my God...I just smudged my keyboard!
Anyone have the figure for how many folks accepted/declined employment with LANS? Of those that accepted employment, what the TCP1 and TCP2 splits were? Need to start figuring how that is going to play out. Hearing the "R" word being tossed around.
"Finally, the pleasant trek to my office, through trash can lined hallways.." (Poster)

What? You get your own personal trash cans? And someone actually comes by to empty them for you? And you have clean rest rooms that are open for 23-and-a-half hours each day? Amazing! You must work up in the Director's office. Better ignore the other posters and don't write about your "horrible" office situation in the NewsBulletin. It will only make your fellow workers jealous. Oh, and please continue to park in those yellow striped park areas. Just consider them your very own personal reserved parking space -- that is, until your car is ticketed and towed away. Then you can come back here, once again, Little Princess, and bitch to us about your pitiful life at LANL.
Yeah, and I'm gonna piddle on the tires of your Beemer, parked in the yellow-striped zone, too, Bitch!
-Especially if you're one of those manager types!
All of you who have responded to this post have missed the point. If LANL management can't have trash picked up daily, can't provide adequate parking, and can't have the bathrooms cleaned on off hours, how can they manage a decreasing budget, GRT payments, advance science, etc.

I would like to add to this gripe - the piles of recycle that don't fit into the bins and that can be found in various hallways. They are fire hazards and look like s__t!
Just quit with the recycling already...

Its cheaper and more energy efficient to mine out the landfills with heavy machinery and environmentally-clean factory processes than it is to manually process each type of waste as is done now.

Someday landfills will be regarded as great repositories of concentrated industrial feedstocks with supplementary self-contained energy resources.

...any creative genius looking for something to do with his spare time?
Great, EMP. But what if we don't have a glut of cheap oil to run all that "heavy machinery" to "mine out the landfills"? And I seriously doubt that, without cheap oil, we will be able to extract any "self-contained energy resources." Maybe a sobering book for everyone to read is Kunstler's "The Long Emergency." A lot of the popularly hyped "solutions" to the coming energy crisis depend on the continued availability of cheap and abundant oil. The real solution is to start planning now, and to take the scientific constraints seriously, rather than believe the hype that emerges from the cheerleaders.
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