Sunday, May 07, 2006

UC Regents must decide Dynes fate

THE University of Californias Board of Regents must consider dismissing President Robert Dynes when it meets May 17, as well as face its own complicity in the compensation scandal that has sullied that cherished institutions image.

The evolving controversy over extra compensation given to top university officials has tarnished UCs credibility and raised doubts about the fairness and management of its pay policies. It will take more than token gestures to restore public confidence in how UC handles tax dollars. After all, a similar controversy over too-lucrative compensation and retirement packages in 1992 triggered reforms that have been ignored. There can be no more false promises.

Following four critical reports in a month, the gathering storm peaked Wednesday when three members of the Senate Education Committee called for the resignation or firing of Dynes.

Initiated by press reports, the controversy centers on extra compensation given to top university officials in excess of UC policy, without the regents or IRS being informed, and without regents approving it. The reports outline blatant misuse of public funds through the presidents office, the apparent acquiescence of the president and his failure to stop such transgressions.

A state audit found that the presidents office granted $334 million in additional compensation last year for housing, car allowances, stipends, sabbatical leaves and other extras that did not square with university policy. Exceptions were so common that it cultivated a culture of noncompliance, the audit said.


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So, UC has major accounting problems (waste, fraud, and abuse by President Dynes and Admiral Foley and Regent Parsky, too?), and Bechtel has major management headaches at DOE sites: NTS (lost the DOE contract, right?), Hanford, and Oak Ridge? (Are there others, too?)

So, it makes sense that they team up--successfully--to run LANL, and they will try to do the same at LLNL?

Something, as usual, smells very bad here, my friends, REAL BAD...
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