Wednesday, May 31, 2006

UC regents must be held accountable

THE Board of Regents has so far escaped serious scrutiny in the compensation scandals that have engulfed the University of California and its president, Robert Dynes. As a result, the regents could have easily designated Dynes to serve as their scapegoat this month. It is appropriate they did not.

Dynes, a distinguished research physicist, has been a lackluster UC president since he was tapped for the job three years ago. He also has been an indifferent administrator, evidenced by the numerous perks, payoffs and golden parachutes that UC officials have approved the last three years.


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In today's America the buck stops with the janitor. We elect a C-student as president, empower the oil industry to orchestrate wars to consolidate their control over world oil supplies, and the idiot consumer and mindless voters just keep paying. We stare on blankly as a rabid right wing strips us of our rights, convincing ourselves it's for the purpose of fighting terrorism, then nod approvingly as an increasingly fascist judiciary further strips us of our freedoms. In the midst of all this pretence we embrace the farce of a competition the DOE orchestrated for the management oversight of the world's once premier nuclear weapons lab--the Los Alamos National Laboratory, deluding ourselves into believing it's not now destined to become the next Rocky Flats. Why?...because St. Pete assures us of this, that's why. Just like he and the DOE assured us our pensions would be safe no matter what (yea right!) And so as arrogant and gullible as we have been and still are as a nation, is it really any wonder we've become the laughing stock of the civilized world? Accountability, the Sacramento Bee tells us, is important. Oh really? What a quaint notion...kind of like the democracy we once had? Yes indeed, we've entered a new millennium. Now that we're the world's fattest, laziest, dumbest, most dangerous nation on the face of the planet perhaps we need a new motto. Forget about "land of the brave, home of the free." How about, "kicking ass is job one!" Yea...that's the ticket! Good bye LANL Blog! It was nice while it lasted.
Just remember the Clinton eight year regime and in comparison all is well. Clinton, the democrats # 1 BOY.., and now they want Hillary. What fools we would be to fall for that crock.
In comparison to the Clinton years everything is fine? Wow! Toss me some of what you're smoking my friend. Adios!
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