Monday, May 01, 2006

Transition Project Information and Resources

Submitted by Anonymous:

Read carefully- text in red below

Weekly Message
Rich Marquez, LANL Transition Manager



The May 15 deadline for employees to return employment offer packages to Los Alamos National Security, LLC (LANS) is quickly approaching. LANS Transition Manager Tom Gioconda reports that, to date, less than a third of employees have responded to LANS.

Employees are faced with numerous considerations when contemplating whether to accept employment with LANS effective June 1. Information about employment options and LANS benefits plans is abundant on both the Laboratory and LANS Transition websites, while information about University of California benefits and retirement is available on the Laboratory Transition Website and the LANL Benefits web page.

Returning Employment Packages

In consideration of personnel in Human Resources, Payroll and myriad other organizations that face the daunting task of having to prepare Laboratory systems to manage an essentially brand-new workforce beginning June 1, I respectfully urge employees who have made up their minds about employment to consider returning their packages as soon as possible before the deadline.

Employees who have already returned their offer packages or are preparing to return them before May 15 can rest assured that they may amend their benefits plan elections or even their decision to accept employment up until 5 p.m. Mountain Time on May 15 through a relatively simple process. People with questions about their offer packages are encouraged to call the LANS Transition Hotline at 1-888-505-9292 or send e-mail to

I should also clarify that employees must take some type of action with respect to their offer packages no later than May 15 to ensure employment with LANS. Simply put, those who do not turn in their offer packages by the May 15 deadline will not be guaranteed jobs on June 1.

Employment Package Drop-Off Points

To facilitate the return of offer packages, LANS will soon provide several additional drop-off points across the Laboratory. LANL and LANS transition Websites will provide information about these new drop-off points as soon as it becomes available. In the meantime, employees can return their offer packages by the following methods:

Support from Lab Organizations

After this week, just four and a half weeks of the contract-transition period remain. With the help and cooperation of many of you, the UC/LANL and LANS Transition teams have methodically traversed the hundreds of activities that support the People, Places and Processes phases of transition. We are at a point where logistics issues require constant diligence by the Laboratory's support organizations to ensure a smooth switchover to LANS management.

The Chief Financial Officer (CFO) Division continues to press forward with plans for payroll crossover while also processing vacation buyouts, supporting Enterprise Project (EP) Release 4 activities, and supporting LANS in financial planning from June 1 and beyond.

Human Resources (HR) is sponsoring retirement sessions with assistance from benefits representatives from the UC campuses, has processed this year's interim and reclassification salary actions, and is supporting LANS in mapping employees to the new LANS organization.

Supply Chain Management (SUP) is diligently closing out legacy subcontracts and completing the annual property inventory, all while preparing for the usual purchasing spike of the last quarter of the fiscal year.

And Information Management (IM) is working to ensure that Laboratory information systems can support the crossover--from issues related to benefits administration to delegation of authorities to accommodate a new management team and organizational structure.

It is easy to take all of this effort for granted, but I commend all of these organizations and all of the others who have worked on transition issues in addition to their "day jobs."

The holding up of the contracts is a kind of unspoken protest by employees against the takeover of a new hostile manager. The chaos that will result from thousands of contracts being turned in at the last minute will be the one form of protest they have.
It is kind of like the trick supposedly played by college students in the dorm bathrooms. All the toilets in the dorm are flushed at once causing a complete breakdown in the plumbing system.
It is a sad protest by a bunch of people who see themselves as powerless in this privatization nightmare.
They were warned that UC would lose the contract if they voted for Bush, but they just didn't believe it. Too late now.
OK! So here is how this will work:

If you pissed off somebody in HR or pissed off somebody who has a friend in HR, then your Returned Employment Packages goes in the trash.

Practice saying "would like French Fries with your Big Mac?

Personally, mine is going in via Registered Mail with a return receipt.
The holding up of the contracts is a kind of unspoken protest by employees against the takeover of a new hostile manager. The chaos that will result from thousands of contracts being turned in at the last minute will be the one form of protest they have.

Hope you play the game well. Maybe LANS next message to all of you will be, "those forms that are not processed by May 15th will result in the employee not receiving a paycheck until his or her form is processed". Remember that you are not playing games with the UC anymore, you are now dealing with the private sector and they now have a work force of 12,000,000 new immigrants to take your place on a moments notice. So go ahead and take your chances, but remember that you are a dispensable commodity.
If it's not in the secret contract between LANS and the DOE, it don't count. Everything on the websites is "feelgood" but is not legallaly binding on the parties - and you're NOT a party to the contract.

And what does it matter. The very same thing is going to happen to LLNL, and I will assure you that LANS or who every may bids on LLNL will not get the same level of whinnying as they did with the employees of LANL. It will be a very easy transition whereby most people at LLNL have already made up their mind what they are going to do, and to say the least all of their job offers will be turned in on time; if not before their due date. It has been wonderful watching the transition at LLNL and how the employees responded and it, and it is for this reason the employees at LLNL have learned what is acceptable and what is not. So there you go. Thanks for your efforts and have a wonder next 5- 25 years.
As a comment to "badbard1", if you think the hard working, dedicated staff of HR are so unethical to trash your LANS Employment Package, then you probably should rethink your employment with the Lab. I guarentee that many HR folks are the most ethical and pro-employee employees you will meet at the Lab. Do not confuse bureacratic processes that frustrate us all, with the ethics of the people who work hard everyday to help manage the personnel issues at this Lab.
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