Sunday, May 14, 2006

Shutting down the blog

Submitted by "Harrassed":

Hey Doug,

What's this about shutting down the blog July 1st?

If I may quote from your mission statement:

"The purpose of this blog is to provide an uncensored forum where those concerned about the future of LANL may express their views. The focus is now on damage control: identifying problems at LANL and providing solutions to those problems. A running list of activities that have been identified as counter-productive or wasteful is being maintained by contributors to this blog. "

So, what about "LANS: The Real Story"?



I can't speak for Doug but I know that he stated that after the contract was awarded last December he would keep the Blog going 30 days after the transition date. Maintaining it takes some effort and he obviously feels that after the transition has occurred he no longer wants to spend the time running and maintaining is. I'm sure someone else will pick up the torch after Doug shuts this one down.
I say LANS the real story, " Is Your Problem" and NOT Dougs. He has done more then enough. The party is over and it's time for someone else to take the bull by the horns. If you have no one at LANS with the balls, then you get what you deserve. Have a good day and enjoy the private sector. LANL and LLNL have been well over due for a change.
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