Sunday, May 14, 2006

Shutdown schedule for this blog

I was going to post about this in a few days, but since it has come up now, here is the shutdown schedule for this blog. On July 1 I will turn off the ability to add comments to posts, and submissions for postings will no longer be accepted. The blog will remain on line for some period after that, allowing people to be redirected to any follow-on forums that might exist.

I suggest that anybody who is interested in providing a continuance forum for LANL discussions should send me a description of their proposed site. Email a short essay to that states "why my site should be considered as a follow-on to LANL, The Real Story". Brad and I will select which (if any) sites will have a redirect link placed on LTRS after July 1. If there are no takers, then we may all conclude that either there is no further need for open discussion abut LANL under LANS, or that nobody is willing to host such a forum.

In the mean time, the Los Alamos Historical Society has requested that I provide them with an archive copy of the entire LTRS blog which they would preserve in their archives. Many thanks to Laurence (Larry) Campbell of the Los Alamos Historical Society for that offer; I plan to provide them with an archive copy of this blog some time after July 1.


What do you see as ongoing topics for which a continuation of a blog is the most effective means of arriving at a solution for the current or near term problems?

Not for me to say. The people who continue to work at LANL are the ones who need to decide that.

You provided the world an open window for them to view reality inside the Lab/UC. The Lab and UC both waste millions in taxpayer dollars each year on government, community and public relations to keep that window shut. And they retain every major law firm in the State to fight those who dare open it. But you kept it open with courage and integrity, wisdom and wit. We all owe you a huge debt of gratitude. Thank you Doug Roberts, for making a difference.
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