Tuesday, May 16, 2006

A note of thanks from an LLNL employee


I wish to express my deepest gratitude for your courage and commitment in
creating and maintaining the LANL blog. Knowing that it was only a matter
of time before the issues became deeply personal to LLNL employees, I and
others here have followed the information posted carefully. Thanks to the
exploration of both sides of the issues and information from an amazing
variety of sources, I have been able to consider the change coming all too
soon to LLNL before actually being confronted with the need to make choices
that will significantly alter my future from the one I thought I would have.

Thanks, too, to all those who have contributed material and taken risks to
expose the down sides of the various proposals. Your questions and
concerns have helped me think more clearly, consider the facts, mourn for
your turmoil soon to be ours, and sometimes laugh and marvel at the
continuing ingenuity of Laboratory folk. You have made our way easier and
we are grateful.

Please post this anonymously.

Best wishes for your new life,


Is there suppose to be a connection between the Mercury News article and your post?
Yeah there is. If you haven't figured out why LANS got 95% of the LANL employees then there is no reason for me to explain it. But don't worry, you too will soon benefit from the same loop hole, so start licking your chops. I don't want any part of the new and improved civil service facility.
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