Tuesday, May 09, 2006

New Mexico Legislative Oversight Committee

Submitted by Anonymous:

What ever happened to the New Mexico Legislative Oversight Committee that was
supposed to be convening periodic hearings related to LANL operations? Is
that Committee still functioning, or has it been quietly put out to pasture?
With all the LANL transition concerns being expressed in the media and on the
LANL Blog these days, you'd think local legislators would want to hear from
their constituients regarding how things are going, maybe even invite their
legislative counterparts from Calfornia to conduct a public hearing or two.
It been done in the past, so why not now? Based on past newspaper articles,
co-chairs gor this committee were Representative Bobby Gonzales of Taos and
Senator Phil Griego of Santa Fe/Los Alamos. Committe members included
Senator Martinez of Espanola and Representatives Wallace of Los Alamos and
Salazar of San Juan Pueblo. Their collective silence on what's going on at
the Lab these days is becoming deafening. Maybe its time to call them up and
find out why.

NM Legislature Home Page--http://legis.state.nm.us/lcs/

Perhaps our local politicians are too busy salivating over the
thought of those juicy, new GRT funds that will start to arrive
after June 1st. Ahhh, the smell of fresh money. Nothing could
smell sweeter to most politicians.
Why would you think California legislators have any interest in NM anymore (assuming they ever really did)? You are no longer an employee of UC on 6/1.
This committee of LANL "oversight" should be killed, immediately. It has become a "group grovel" which serves no purpose and simply exposes our Legislature to ridicule.

The committee did some good work originally, when the California Legislature was involved (Senator Polanco and Assemblywoman Ducheny) but they both "term limited" out and the California involvement on the "joint" committee pretty much died with them.

The California involvement was important as they had access to UC, and could get UC to show up and testify to defend their actions. They could do this as they control a large part of the UC budget. Even so progress was very limited as UC was very arrogant and in denial about their lack of oversight.

Without an energetic California presence the NM Legislators are just a band of beggars, and a cheering section. They have no "hammer" over LANL or UC,so they crawl. They have absolutely no stomach for "oversight" of the Lab. Time to end the show.
I agree with Lucky. Our local legislators should be ashamed of themselves. But they probably won't. Shame is rooted a desire to possess integrity, and I doubt this group cares much about that.

When it comes to shortcomings involving LANL these folks see nothing, hear nothing, say nothing. Sargeant Schultz would be proud of them.
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