Tuesday, May 16, 2006

New HR Division Leader - Gone Already!

Doug, please post anonymously.
It appears we've lost our new HR Division Leader before she got here. Here's a letter she put out...
It is with a very heavy heart that I send you this message. Rather than continuing at Los Alamos after transition, I am returning to the Nevada Test Site. Circumstances in my professional life changed during the last week which caused me to make this very difficult decision.
This was an extremely difficult, even painful, decision for a number of reasons, but, first and foremost is about YOU. I will miss the opportunity to be a part of the HR Team, to meet the challenges which lie ahead, and to move us forward as a business and strategic partner of the Lab. I have come to know so many of you and looked forward to us being both colleagues and friends. I think, together, we have charted a successful and sustainable course for the Division and know that you will do great things in the months and years to come.
I am extremely pleased to let you know that Ben Glover, who many of you know from his work in developing the LANS benefits package, will be the HR Division Leader for LANS. Ben has over 37 years of experience including 17 years as an HR senior executive and will be a welcome addition to the team. I ask that you give Ben the same support and enthusiasm that you have shared with me during the last five months.
My deepest thanks to each of you for all you have done with and for me during our brief time together. Know that you always have a place to stay if your travels bring you to Las Vegas.
God Bless You

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Why wasn't this job advertised? Somebody could have filled in on an acting basis while a recruitment took place.

What are Glover's qualifications?

There are many very good reasons to advertise a job and very few good reasons to NOT advertise a job.

An open recruitment provides an opportunity for those who have been abused by an applicant to make such behavior known.

Is this how LANS will do business in the future? What opportunities will there be for those of us who are not "connected?"
Hey, darhtman, you must be new around here. We have a long and cherished tradition of using the good ol' boy system to fill management vacancies.
In fact, NONE (zero!) of the new positions have been advertised, from group level on up. The (un)cognisant AD's and DD's just appointed "someone". If they had tossed a coin for the selection process, they would have got better candidates! Doug Beason, in whom we had hpoes, has turned out to be the worst - on par with Susan Seestrom.
I remember Ben Glover as the "LANS-man" at the initial benefits roll-out meetings with Tyler. He was the LANS guy who seemed unable (or unwilling) to answer almost all the questions coming from the audience. Guess that makes him a perfect LANS candidate to head up HR, right? The spoils are obliviously being divided among the cozy elites of LANS. The Good Ol' Boy network is now on steroids at LANL.

As on aside, has anyone noticed all the spiffy, new, high-end cars that are beginning to show up in the new parking lots at LANL and around Los Alamos. I'm talking the good stuff, like Infiniti, Benz, etc. Looks like some people around here are seeing a sudden burst of good fortune. I wonder who these lucky people might be?
A year ago, Ben Glover was an "executive office administrator" in ADWEM. I am sure that experience qualifies him to lead the HR Division.
This post has been removed by a blog administrator.
"A year ago, Ben Glover was an "executive office administrator" in ADWEM. I am sure that experience qualifies him to lead the HR Division."

Though the names are similar, they are two different people. Bennie Glover was an Administrator in ADWEM. Benjamin Glover has not previously been associated with the Lab.
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