Thursday, May 25, 2006

Letters to the Sacbee

The ivory -- and gold -- tower

Re "UC Chief Dynes battles to keep job," May 18: Once again the arrogant and ignorant Education Establishment rears its ugly head and states to heck with taxpayers.

UC chief Robert Dynes and his ilk steal from us and stand on a pedestal and claim their entitled to it. What will our children learn from them? That it pays to steal from us who must really work for a living to keep the ivory towered, privileged education establishment well provided for?

Barbara Kerr and her minions must be laughing all they way to the ballot box. They aspire to hijack the entire California budget in order to brainwash our children. Most teachers are public school graduates. If we had tested them and flunked them -- as they most assuredly would have -- maybe we could have a public school system more interested in teaching the truth rather than turning them into goose-stepping little liberals.

But I digress. Dynes should be fired. The education establishment should be held accountable and start spending more on real education.

- Patrick Davis, Fair Oaks

Dynes failure at UC

Robert Dynes blames ignorance of the rules and a culture of overactive secrecy and paranoia for actions he took that were not authorized by the University of California Board of Regents. At the same time, a blue-ribbon panel of Californians in an advertisement in The Bee, argue that Dynes policy exceptions are trivial in amount and perhaps necessary for UC to be competitive. They note that UC is a community of the greatest minds in the world.

All of the above points are undoubtedly well taken. But they only compound the problem, which is that Dynes, the head of these great minds, turns out to be someone who never learned that ignorance of the law is no excuse, and that paranoia and overactive secrecy are not leadership.

The UC community has known for a decade that transparency in employment practices was required by the regents. Dynes chose to ignore this ultimatum. Because of that, and the fact that his pitiful explanation only magnifies his guilt, he must be removed.

- Norman D. Clayton, Sacramento

The cozy UC club

Re "Regents back UC president," May 19: Of course, the regents back the gross overpayments and inappropriate perks so widely granted within the University of California system. It's a cozy little club, and they benefit as well.

I am absolutely sick of hearing that we need to pay inflated salaries and offer absurd incentives to attract "top people." I say fire them all, regents included, and start fresh with a "second-rate" team. We'll all be better off.

The UC system exists to educate Californians, not to enrich a chosen few or to win a one-upmanship contest with other universities.

- Neil J. Rubenking, Davis

The Celeste Rose debacle

Re "How UC courted exec, then paid her $460,000 to go away," May 16: have long wondered about the competency and just plain common sense of the majority of academe. I don't know which has been worse, the steady increase in the cost of higher education, making college unaffordable for most or unavailable for others, or the poisoning of our children's minds by the liberal drivel they receive.

The Celeste Rose debacle best illustrates the utter helplessness of the University of California administration. It absolutely defies any attempt at understanding how any of it came about, step by step, over 10 years. But is hers the only example of ludicrous conduct by the administration? Not hardly, we now learn. And what are regents doing during all this, besides sitting on their fat perks?

I applaud The Bee for making public these absurd abuses of the public trust, but nothing seems to be resulting. When are some of these overpriced and incompetent wasters of taxpayer money going to reform or be sacked?

- John Antypas, Lincoln

Well, well, well. An "ivory towered, privileged education establishment" at UC is out to "brainwash our children" with "liberal drivel," leading them to become "goose-stepping little liberals," eh? Looks to me like the Los Alamos right-wing neo/theo/con establishment has found its true roots in Sacramento.

And has it been our own UC President Robert Dynes--the evil "liberal" (hah!) and erstwhile physicist--who's engineered this left-wing coup against "our innocent, gullible, little college-age children"? More likely, Dynes is simply a well-paid tool of the corporate Board of Regents of the University of California, who, with Regent Parsky (and LANS, LLC, board member), stands firmly by their "man."

Life is strange when you can't tell who's Right and who's Left. The end result is that everyone--Right and Left, all over America--is going to end up with a "second-rate team." And the corrupt cronyism marches ever onward in theocratic-corporate America...
Quote: I say fire them all, regents included, and start fresh with a "second-rate" team. We'll all be better off.

Reminds me of a certain Admiral I once knew.
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