Thursday, May 04, 2006

Lawmakers seek ouster of UC head

By Lisa M. Krieger
Mercury News

Two of the toughest critics of University of California management have asked President Robert C. Dynes to step down, saying they have lost faith in his leadership during an executive compensation controversy.

State Sens. Abel Maldonado, R-San Luis Obispo, and Gloria Romero, D-Los Angeles, called for Dynes' resignation at a Wednesday press conference in Sacramento.

``I believe we are acting in the best interest of the University of California, the students and the people. . . . How can we have millions and millions of dollars in perquisites not disclosed?'' asked Maldonado, vice chairman of the Senate Education Committee.

Senate Majority Leader Romero said: ``We've seen enough to know the public trust has been ruptured.''


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Adios, Bob. Don't let the door hit you in the ass. It has been a wonderful three years.

Oh, and by the way: thanks again for Nanos, and for all your non-existent interventions in 2004 when you let him to run amuck for nearly a year. That was the start of LANL's death-knell, and we have you to thank for letting it happen.

Also, a special thanks for handing that son of a bitch a golden parachute as a bribe to get him to finally leave instead of firing him, as a real leader would have done.

Cheers, and don't come back. Schwtartzie might be your friend and want you to stay on at UC (it's because you have money, Bob -- he doesn't really like you), but we here at LANL think you should just mosey on out of town. The damage you have done is irreparable, and that will be your legacy.
Now Fink, don't you think Bob D. has a golden parachute as well?
Yes, Educated, no doubt. And so will Parksy, Foley, and no doubt any number of other incompetent/corrupt (or just plain malignant, as is the case with Foley) members of the UC family. So we might as well just sit back and enjoy watching Dynes suffer the public humiliation while it lasts.
The good news is Dynes is stepping down as UC President. The bad news is he's going to be heading up a new and improved employee morale program for LANL. Then again maybe not on both counts.
Dynes is just the guy taking the heat, because he's in the chair. The troubles with the UC President, the arrogance and incompetence, are very old, as is well understood in California.

The LANL death knell was sounded in 2002, by Atkinson and Browne, when they failed to respond to the Walp/Doran incident in any adequate way. This finally got the U.S. House to weigh in, and demand action, and that led to legislation that required the competition of the LANL contract. That in turn led to Domenici insisting that ALL the DOE contracts be competed (musn't target LANL) which got LLNL involved.

At least blame the right set of imcompetents. John Browne's inaction led directly to the current problems; yet this is not commonly understood. The LANL problems were created by LANL, and they richly deserve the current mess. UC's role was simply a failure of oversight. But, they never have cared what happens in New Mexico. Why should they?

I am aware of your feelings regarding the 2002 Walp and Doran business. And, I agree it was poorly handled. But believe it our not, that was a fuck-up from which LANL had a chance to recover.

The Nanos disaster was also one from which there was a chance to recover, had it been stopped early. That's where Dynes enters the picture. Through Dynes' complete, stupefied inaction, Admiral Butthead was allowed to continue to run completely amuck for nearly a whole year.

That was not a disaster LANL could recover from. For that we have Dynes to blame, fairly and squarely.
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