Saturday, May 06, 2006

Investment options

Hi Doug,

Please post anonymously...I need to work for these yahoos. The attached word file is right off the UC / Fidelity web site.

Comparison between this list and the LANS offered 401 options is laughable.


Sam Bodman used to run Fidelity. You would think a couple of phone calls could take care of this problem.

Before the contract competition I thought I could retire at age 58.

With LANS TCP-2 I was thinking I could retire at age 62. But, after looking at their 401 fund selections I think I'll need to work to age 66......
Oh, it gets much better.

Of the top 5 performing funds in our pathetic offering from LANS, 4 are CLOSED!

FCNTX Fidelity Contrafund
SSMVX Wells-Fargo Advantage Small Cap
BSCFX Baron Small Cap Fund
FDIVX Fidelity Diversified International
There's one more closed fund:

FDGRX Fidelity Growth Company Fund
I think we can still use the closed funds (I hope).
I just tried transferring to the Contra Fund
in the FidelityNetBenefits and it allowed me to
do it. (It will take a day before I'm sure it worked).
I've never invested in it before. So I think Closed
means closed to the average guy on the street.
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