Thursday, May 11, 2006

In for a rough ride

Submitted by Anonymous:

In reaction to recent news queries regarding the "at will" issue, LANS has
staked out a standard response that it's simply planning to adopt existing
policies. The implication in this response is that the "at will" issue is
really a non issue. But while the good news may be LANS's willingness to
adopt existing LANL policies, the bad news is that Rich Marquez (the LANS
President's new Chief of Staff) has been tasked (by LANS of course) to
quietly modify those policies prior to the official transition date of June
1, 2006 so that the "at will" doctrine LANS wants to implement immediately
after the transition, can be done with as little controversy as possible.
But the current contactor is still UC (at least until May 31, 2006), and so
this LANS directive constitutes a blatant violation of the Higher Education
Employee Rights Act (HEERA) as it applies to LANL. This act mandates that
employee input must be obtained prior to changes being initiated to existing
policies, and particularly so when existing worker protections might be
impacted. Mr. Marquez therfore, in his current role as a UC official, has
been directed by his new employer--LANS, to knowingly violate HEERA in order
to quietly undermine existing rights and protections for LANL employees, so
that after May 31st LANS can honestly claim to have simply adopted "existing
policy" that effectively rendered all LANL workers "at will" prior to the
transition. If this behind-the-scenes maneuvering is any indication of
things yet to come, all of LANL's stakeholder community (not just workers)
are in for a rough ride.

Interesting thought: since UC is part-owner of LANS, LLC, then does HEERA apply to LANS?

Somebody needs to get a legal opinion on this.
How do people fabricate this stuff? As posted on multiple sites, LANS is blue sheeting institutional policies and procedures, including HR policies. As publicized, LANL/UC has a moratorium on issuance of new policies after April 15. Last I checked Marquez is working LANL not LANS transition issues. Give the paranoia a break for God's sake.

So it looks like that is one vote for "Marquez is the devil incarnate", and one for "Marquez is as pristine as the driven snow".

It sounds like a deeper investigation into Marquez' background is required before a reasonable determination can be made.
Finknottle, you missed my point. It is not a vote in favor of Marquez it is a vote against paranoia. I could care less about Marquez but I do care about the Lab. Why assign malice to the new LANS management just like you have the old LANL management? What arrogance drives your judgmental attitude? It is not like everyone at the Lab doesn't know who you and the other major contributors to the blog are---your own buddies have made sure of that. At least Roberts, Horne, Holian, etc, have enough cajones to sign their judgmental statements.
Why, thank you, whatplanetRUfrom.

I think.

--Doug Roberts
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When in doubt use labels to divert attention from the issue. And when all else fails, just call them paranoid. Sounds like a nerve has been struck.
I read the LANS new employee PDF forms that someone posted a
link to on this site. In the original forms, the words "at will"
are clearly used. Several days after the posting of that PDF
link on this blog, the LANS form suddenly changes. The phrase
"at will" was removed, but the language is such that the effect
of the worded policy is still the same. Paranoia? I think not.

As for Roberts, Horne, and Holian -- Roberts has terminated
his lab employment, Holian is now retired, and Horne, because
of the well known CREM fiasco, is probably on an untouchable
"safe base" with LANL management (though, I'm sure they have
now unfairly marked Horne as a "problem employee").

So, whatplanetRUfrom, let's see you whip out your Big Fat Balls.
Care to place your real name on this blog for all to see? If not,
then you have no right to criticize others in this matter.
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