Thursday, May 25, 2006

Hearing the "R" word

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Anyone have the figure for how many folks accepted/declined employment with LANS? Of those that accepted employment, what the TCP1 and TCP2 splits were? Need to start figuring how that is going to play out. Hearing the "R" word being tossed around.

"Hearing the "R" word being tossed around." -- educatedbeyondmyability

Get use to it. Rumors of RIFs are going to be a fact of life at
LANL for many years. The $250 million budget hole produced by the
RFP and upcoming budget cuts from NNSA/Congress will see to that.

However, also remember that LANS doesn't really need to implement
a formal RIF. You'll be "at-will" starting June 1st. LANS can
discretely hand out pink-slips to anyone. Be nice to your new bosses.
I heard that ~6500 accepted TCP1. I do not know about TCP2. There were a couple of hundred "No Thanks," but I do not know the exact number.

At the Kuckuck meeting (I think), it was said that 63 people had not turned in ANY selection.
I heard that 30% chose TCP2 while the rest of those transitioning to LANS chose TCP1. I also heard that this was higher than LANS had expected for TCP2.

The number of "real" retirees not transitioning to LANS is a few hundred (~200?) but I haven't heard the exact number.
I heard that twice as many people went TCP1 than went TCP2 and that there was less then 100 retired with 65 non-acceptance. Seeing this and with LANS being $250M in the hole from the get go I would expect that the "at will" employee status will in fact be utilized. When, who knowns. Maybe after LLNL gets the very same benefits package. So you all got until Oct 1st, 2007 to make plans.
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