Sunday, May 07, 2006

Hard work

Submitted by Anonymous:


Just an observation:

Handing out $334 million of unapproved UC money to his cronies must be harder work than I would have thought. As evidence I present these before and after pictures of Dynes. The before picture was taken some time in 2004, and the other is recent. He looks like he's aged 15 years since he was out here at LANL telling us to "help him help us" in May last year after he had finally succeeded in using part of that $334M to bribe Nanos to leave.

This is stupid post. How many of you don't show up differently in a portrait (left)vs a candid shot (right)? I would not like someone to judge my age based on some random photograph or photographs.
There are enough things to worry about without doing cheap shots.
Thank you for your insights, David. They were, as ever, profound.
Another classic example of Forslund reality avoidance. If I may be permitted to belabor the obvious:

1. Dynes has aged dramatically in the past year or so, as the photos clearly demonstrate.

2. Dynes did approve $334 million worth of perks to his fellow upper-level UC managers, and he did so outside the bounds of the UC approval process.

3. Nanos demanded, and received moneys from UC in return for leaving LANL. These moneys came from that same $334 million pot of gold.

Now, according to my script, is where Dave will cry "Foul! Personal attack! The Blog is bad!"

Lighten up, take a pill.

Dynes is scum. You object to a bit of light-hearted abuse of him. He and Nanos have ruined the lives of many people.
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