Monday, May 01, 2006

GAP Exposes Errors, Cover-up at Hanford

Submitted by Dylan Blaylock:

May 1, 2006


Contact: Tom Carpenter, GAP Nuclear Oversight Director
Phone: 206.292.2850 ext. 23, cell (206) 419-5829

Contact: Dylan Blaylock, Communications Director
Phone: 202.408.0034 ext. 137, cell 202.236.3733

GAP Exposes Errors, Cover-up at Hanford
Releases Proof DOE Installing Defective Equipment; 66 Other Major Vessels Questioned; Independent Oversight Urged

(Seattle, WA) – Today, the Government Accountability Project (GAP) is releasing documents provided to it by whistleblowers and through public sources illustrating a systemic breakdown in key safety inspection systems designed to ensure the safe construction and operation of a Hanford nuclear waste plant that mixes waste with glass at high temperatures. The documents were received by GAP from internal sources at Bechtel National, Inc., the contractor hired by the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) to construct the Waste Treatment Plant (WTP) or “vitrification” plant, or obtained through public records act requests. The documents can be found on GAP’s Web site at

Among the documents being released by GAP is a January 2005 Department of Energy internal audit that found Bechtel had established a hostile working environment that chilled the reporting of safety concerns at the WTP. The report stated that over half of those questioned by the DOE in the 2005 survey stated that they were afraid of job actions against them for even participating in the survey. That document can be found at


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arrrrgg! i've been hearing & listening to this same old crap for 15+ years...

* tiger teams
* ahearn committee
* National Acd. Sci
* whistle blowers fed & contractor
* & all the others i've

they've changed everything that can be changed except one...DOE/NNSA!

IMHO DOE & NNSA make FEMA look highly competent and successful.

don't pay any attention...i'm just having a bad decade or so :)
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