Thursday, May 18, 2006

Fidelity Mutual Fund choices for the LANS 401(k)

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I just picked up Morningstar reports on all the
Fidelity Mutual Fund choices for the LANS 401(k) from
the Los Alamos Smith Barney office. They are free
while they last. They're on the 4th floor of the LANB

Also includes stock intersection reports - very

Received the LANS' Fidelity 401k prospectus in today's mail. What a collection of crap. For one thing, I will always appreciate UC's offering of the nearly complete Fidelity portfolio. What a crummy show for LANS' best-and-brightest.
From what I saw in the package, there are 9 top performers. The average 1-year return on them was 27.4%, the average 5-year on them was 12.5%.

How is that a "collection of crap"?
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