Wednesday, May 03, 2006

The failure to report income


The following appeared as a comment on the

post, in reference to Dynes and Parsky's financial shenanigans at UC. I think it deserves a spotlight.

The failure to report income on the executive's W2s is Federal Income Tax Fraud. If the transmission of the W2 took place electronically, it's wire fraud. If more than one person was in on the scam, it was conspiracy to commit fraud.

Isn't there a whistleblower reward for reporting tax fraud to the IRS?

Could we possibly be that lucky? Were those two really so stupid or arrogant as to have provably committed tax fraud? Maybe there is a chance for a little bit of justice after all.

It won't make up for the years of mismanagement of LANL by UC, and, apparently, for the recent mismanagement of the UC retirement fund. It would feel awful good to see those two go the path of Ken Lay, though. The article says that "Parsky and other regents are clearly putting as much space as they can between themselves and the Dynes regime." I'd like to see the whole board of regents put under a magnifying glass, right there alongside Dynes.
I suspect that the "executives" at UC -- Dynes, Parsky, Foley, the regents -- are not feeling nearly so smug and arrogant as they were a year ago. I would *love* to see the investigation into the financial "irregularities" that are now being reported turn into a criminal investigation.
I somebody actually alleging that Dynes and Parskey didn't report all their income to the IRS?
It is about time the question got asked, don't you think Mr. van Otowi? Perhaps it is audit time for a slew of those UC assholes, especially those who received some of the goodies. Like Dynes, and Nanos. Parsky himself, as chair of the Board of Regents is a good candidate for an audit as well.
"Were those two really so stupid or arrogant as to have provably committed tax fraud?"

Unless I'm mistaken, the employer is responsible for submitting the W2, not the employee.
Lawmakers seek ouster of UC head....
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