Sunday, May 07, 2006

Embattled UC president defiant over recruitment policy

San Francisco Chronicle

Embattled UC president defiant over recruitment policy
He acknowledges mistakes were made in his failure to disclose perks and pay, but defends attempt to lure world-class faculty

Rick DelVecchio, Chronicle Staff Writer
Sunday, May 7, 2006

Some people want Bob Dynes' head, but the University of California president isn't about to give it to them.

"Do I look like I'm crumbling?" Dynes shot back when asked during an hourlong interview Thursday whether he were more the type to harden under pressure or crumble.


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Mr. Dynes, please watch your tongue and your shady actions.

Remember... You need to help *US* so that we can help *YOU*!

"Butthead" and "cowboy" tactics have enveloped UCOP. Perhaps
you should bring your dear friend Pete Nanos into the UCOP
fold so he can help clean things up, like he did at LANL?
Now there's a thought: bring Nanos back so that he can drain that UCOP swamp. I like it.
Rod, Rod, Rod...too much swamp-water there for anyone to drain...the glass is 2/3rds empty, as the intrepid Colbert told our beloved President. That means UCOP's cup is only 1/3rd full. But don't drink it; it's backwash--kinda like the Bay near the Berzerkly waterfront at low tide.
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