Thursday, May 25, 2006

Editorial: Bar lowered for Dynes

UC Board of Regents

Issue date: 5/25/06 Section: Opinion

The recent controversy over whether the UC Board of Regents should ask UC President Robert Dynes to resign is an illusion. The situation has been carefully handled to look as though Dynes and the regents were at odds, but in reality the only ones wronged were the students.

While the regents claim Dynes understands the gravity of overcompensating executive employees with hundreds of millions of dollars, remember that the amount of money paid out in overcompensation in 2004-2005 alone works out to approximately $1,000 per UC student. This situation is yet another example of the disconnect between the regents and the students.


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The bar wasn't just lowered on this was removed entirely and shoved up the taxpayer's behind!
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