Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Dynes responsible for fiscal woes

For neglecting duties to students, UC president should face harsher penalties from regents

By Jason O'Bryan

Over 208,000 students just got screwed over all at once. And they probably didn't even realize it.

At the UC Board of Regents' May 18 meeting, which addressed the recent compensation scandal and the possible culpability of University of California President Robert Dynes, the regents decided to give Dynes their support. In a press release, the regents acknowledged that they hold Dynes accountable, but are convinced that he can correct the problem.

But "accountability" apparently means nothing, because while all sides agree that there have been large monetary transgressions, the man responsible is keeping his post without so much as a pay dock or an ultimatum. The regents are not acting as though they answer to the students and taxpayers of California, making this just the most recent example of how, in the UC system, the students lose.


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Did you read the part where it says: "Dynes is not a bad man; he clearly did not have insidious motives, and he has kept what he believed to be the best interests of the university in mind."

What a crock! Dynes would have to improve to be only a "bad man."
UC, Parsky, Dynes, Folley, and Nanos celebrating "63 years of honor" is like Bill Clinton celebrating "50 years of chastity."
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