Monday, May 29, 2006

Department of Energy To Elminate Worker Protection Office

In what may be the waning months of a prematurely lame-duck Republican administration, the orders seem to have gone out from corporate headquarters: Identify any agencies that are doing a good job, or have the potential to do a good job (especially those that might benefit workers) -- and kill them.

The Department of Energy has revealed a plan to eliminate its office for environment, safety and health. The office was created 20 years ago to respond to radioactive contamination of workers as a result of cold war weapons production. Most of the office's current worker safety and health functions would be transferred to an office dealing with security. The current department is headed by an Assistant Secretary, a political appointee, whereas the security agency is headed by a career DOE employee.

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And now, my neo/theo/con friends (not just limited to Los Alamos County, by the way), what do you say to this story? Do you think this move is good for the people? Good for the workers? Good for the middle class? Good for your children?

How lonnnnnngggg will it take before you get angry? Can't you at least contemplate switching to the Libertarian Party, rather than continuing your knee-jerk habit of supporting the plutocratic, Power-Elite Republican Party? (Don't worry: I wouldn't even begin to suggest that you support the Republican-lite Democratic Party.)
What does the neo/theo/con issue have to do with this article? And why do you use such biased terminology? This article is old news. I can't tell if it is good or bad news. I do think that the government bureaucracy is way out of control. The opening statements of this post seem to me to be a highly biased comment on what is being talked about in the DOE. Why is it automatically assumed that any decision by this administration is bad rather than trying to look at it objectively? It is the extreme bias that I'm seeing in postings that tells me that this blog has outlived its usefulness.

What planet have you been on for the past eight years?
I have to disregard any article that insinuates that DOE has, could, or would do anything good for anyone except themselves. Bodman, Brooks, and the rest of them are as big a bunch of crooks as the NeoLib pack at UC run by Dynes and the Regents.
Don't worry Dave, this blog I hear will be closed soon and the hate mail and politics will be picked up by someone else; I am sure. We may in fact not want to follow. What I want to see is where the LLNL The Real Story Blog is going and if it can be run as good as Dougs.
And what would EVER make David angry? -Especially if Bush or Cheney were behind it.

David would have wrung his hands and excused the Romans who crucified Jesus for resisting them and their collaborators; David would have found SOME excuse to suck up to the emperor and his minions...saying something like, "Well, at least the Romans brought know, good roads, and sewage systems, and water aquaducts, and effective police, and...and...we could all speak one language, Latin, instead of Hebrew and Aramaic and Samaritan,"

Thanks, Dave. You've been a great counter-example for all of us.
David please watch something besides FOX "NEWS".
Dave is a Lab Fellow. As such, he has a guaranteed position
at the lab, even now as a retiree. This also gives him the
luxury of ignoring the plight of both America's middle class
and the LANL "at-will" staff who will soon be working for
LANS. Unfortunately, Dave is not unique. From what I've
witnessed, there are quite a few "Dave's" walking the hallways
at LANL. They are entitled to their views, but, frankly, I
find them repugnant. But don't bother trying to change poor
Dave's minds. It won't work. He's like most old men at this
stage in life. Their neurons are set in cement. No new data
can now make its way inside. Someday we'll all be crusty
old curmudgeon like Dave (on both the Left and the Right).
Let see,when someone calls a post into question, the group responds with ad hominem attacks. Let see,we have non-biased, objective news reporting in the main stream media including the NY Times. Sure. Lets see. Being a Lab fellow disqualifies someone from commenting on a post and means I "ignore the plight of the middle class". Sure sounds rational to me. :-) It is hard to contain my laughter at such nonsense.
"Ad hominem attacks" always pop up when right-wing nutcases like David show up on this blog. Their idea of "non-biased, objective news reporting" seems always to reflect, like a mirror, the stuff we are exposed to on Fox News.

There are 24 bottles of beer in a case, 24 hours in a day--coincidence?
What nonsense. Ad hominem on top of ad hominem. I'm pleased now that the days of this blog are numbered, since it is impossible to have an intelligent discussion on it, unlike what it was last year.
Please keep in mind that there are some of us who appreciate hearing your view. Hell, I appreciated hearing Gary Stradling and that guy from Berkeley (whatever his name was). The price for free speech is to put up with people that you don't always agree with, and I think it's a small price to pay.
The problem is that most prima donas don't tolerate it well when other, lesser folk disagree with them. The usual (and predictable) response is as David has demonstrated: denigrate the discussion forum in which the disagreement took place.
...and what was it we had for lunch?
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