Sunday, May 07, 2006

A couple of recent comments

These recent comments caught my eye.


The "Ma and Pa Kettle" funds being offered for our 401K's may be
just one of many signs that LANS is not up to the task of running

I turned in my benefits and job offer paperwork a couple of weeks
ago and was assured that I would be receiving an Email confirmation
within 24 hours. It never came. Furthermore, LANS has now set up
a web site into which you can type your LANL Z# to see if your
paperwork is on file. Several people in my office who turned in
paperwork have tried this new web site and none of them got an
affirmative answer.

If LANS can't perform a simple job like confirming receipt of benefits
paperwork, how the hell are we suppose to have any confidence that
they can run this place? A time-stamp plus signature on a copy of my
submitted paperwork would have offered a sufficient and secure means
of confirmation, but LANS seems too clueless to even figure out a
simple solution like that.

I wonder if they realize that their poor handling of our benefits
paperwork is now causing a significant portion of the staff to form
a bad initial impression of LANS. But, then, again, perhaps they
don't really care.

LANS has promised "no RIFS in FY'07", remember? And a
promise is a promise. Your salaries, however, will be in
for a major hair-cut in FY '07 to help keep this promise.

Get ready for it. Of course, they won't say a word about
all this until sometime after June 1st. I would plan on
at least a 5% "temporary" reduction in salaries from the start.

Picture that 5% reduction as a type of "kick-back" scheme
to our local politicos (GRT) and Bechtel/BWXT (management
profit fees) so that you can keep your job at LANL. It's
like a throw back to the bad ol' days in America at the
turn of the century when workers had no rights and the
Robber Barons ruled the roost.

Once again: If it's not in the contract between LANS and DOE, it's not binding. Promises don't count. Oral presentations don't count. Website presentations don't count. The only thing that counts is what's agreed to in the contract, and we're not going to get to see it.

"Your check's in the mail."
"I'll respect you in the morning."
"Your salary and benefits are safe with LANS."
It looks like LANS has finally got their act together with
the benefits confirmation site. As of Monday (May 8th), it
seems to be reporting accurate results. You can go to the
link below and check your status (you'll need a Crypto card
to login):


Gotta give LANS credit when credit is due. Good work,
guys! Glad to see you finally fixed this situation. The
squeeky wheel got oiled. Now, about those dismal 401K
Mutual Fund selections...
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