Friday, April 14, 2006

Wait until May 15th

Submitted by Anonymous:

I had a need to speak to LANL HR earlier this week. The lady that I spoke to
said that HR is overwhelmed with employees getting the retiree counselling.
Yes, it may be that there have not been that many retirees YET. But, wait
until May 15th!

We'll see. I am going to bet that less then 50% of the FTE's will put in their papers and fully retire, and out of those who do; most will come back to double dip. Most will go inactive vested, get a wage for working while they put most of their earnings into a 401K and then retire from the UC five to ten years down the road. If 2,500 people to pull the plug I'd really be impressed. The package is really too good to resist and DOE / NNSA has bent over backwards to appease all of you. Don't get use to it though once you become an "at will" employee you'll be gone in a microsecond as soon as you piss off the right person.
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