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Hi Doug,
Please post this anonymously.

With all the upheaval at the Lab, I am not sure we look very good to new
talent. We don't even look that good to some existing talent. I think it is
time for the Lab to institute some new policies that reflect trends in the
outside job market. Telecommuting would certainly meet those criteria in my
book. There are letters to the News Bulletin editor from employees dating
back to 1997. Clearly, this is not a new idea or desire. Has anyone heard
any word on LANS looking into telecommuting?

Thank you.

Telecommuting at LANL - not. Take a look at the latest DI garbage supported by CCN and the "CIO". Connecting private computers to the yellow, including VPN, will not be allowed except by documented exceptions.

Those of us who have forbidden windows systems in our homes because of all the security issues are held to a higher standard than the LANL yellow.

Where is the LANS CIO in all this? How many of these DI's that have been pushed through by CCN are going to be tossed after May 31? How much money has been wasted on this garbage?

Can anyone spell waste, fraud, and abuse?
Well, travismcgee, what you don't realize is that DOE/NNSA is really behind most of these. If we, LANL, don't try to address these issues internally NNSA will come and force another solution on us that would be even more onerous. Most of corporate America has stricter rules than LANL does and we are being forced to catch up, like it or not. Nothing will change after May 31st except we may see even stricter rules.
I agree that there are issues that need addressing - such as the waste of taxpayers' dollars to support buggy windows systems at LANL. Why aren't those being addressed? How many millions of dollars are wasted fixing, patching, upgrading, fixing, patching, etc? Let's fix real problems, not DOE/NNSA perceived problems.
IMHO, the only way to seriously address the "buggy Windows systems" is to ban the MS Windows OS from LANL. Realistically, that just won't happen. In addition, Bechtel appears to be a Windows shop, at least from what we've seen so far.
The primary reason that MACINTRASHES have not had many virus problems is that no MACINTRASH users are smart enough to write a virus.
Good news!--A new DOE directive just came out regarding the question about telecommuting. If you're UCRS-vested and retire before the transition to LANS, you can telecommute all you want!
It will be hard to tele-commute when the major portion of the
LANL workforce will soon be employed in the design and building
of plutonium pits.
Everything is done by remote control, so if you build a 20 foot high fence around your house, get a clearance for your family (it will be needed anyway to go skiing!) and don't have any CREM, you can run the operation from home...
Remote control from home? Keeeeewlll!

This will put a whole new spin on the term "nuclear family", now,
won't it? Junior will just love running his fancy remote control
robotic arm to move around pits at the new LANL factory. I just
hope he has a very steady hand!
The question was actually pretty naive. Telecommuting is only a viable option for CS-related tasks that do not require a physical presence. Tasks such as SW development, SW QA and testing, production runs, etc.

As some of us have begun to realize, there will be much less of this type of science conducted at LANL, starting real soon now.

Further, whatever SW development work remains at LANL will be classified weapons work. Telecommute that.

Oh, and there is also the fact that LANL managers have traditionally frowned on telecommuting as a work option because

1) they don't trust LANL staff,
2) they can't do their clock-watching thing on a staff memeber who works out of the home, which goes directly to:
3) they don't trust LANL staff.
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