Tuesday, April 18, 2006

SUBJECT: Interim Performance Summary Initiative

To/MS: LANL-Employees
From/MS: Robert W. Kuckuck, A100
Phone/Fax: 7-5101/Fax 7-2997
Symbol: DIR-06-166
Date: April 18, 2006

SUBJECT: Interim Performance Summary Initiative

As part of my desire to ensure the transition to a new management
and operations contractor occurs in the best interests of
employees, the Laboratory will conduct an interim performance
summary exercise prior to closeout on May 31.

The Laboratory’s organizational structure will change under Los
Alamos National Security, LLC (LANS), which will assume management
and operation of the Laboratory on June 1. In some cases the
changes mean that current managers and peers will be mapped into
new organizations. Additionally, employees, including current
managers responsible for evaluation of employees, may be choosing
to retire or to decline employment with LANS. Because the
Laboratory’s usual Performance and Salary Management process spans
from August 1 to July 31, employees will have completed 10 months
of performance by the time LANS begins a new era of Laboratory

To help ensure that an accurate record of employee performance is
preserved despite potential organizational and personnel changes,
I am asking employees to participate in an abbreviated interim
performance summary initiative beginning this week. This
abbreviated process will provide for employee self-assessments and
completion of manager performance summaries, but will not require
development of Overall Relative Contribution (ORC) scores and
subsequent organizational normalization meetings.

In order to successfully complete this interim performance summary
initiative by May 31, 2006, all employees must adhere to the
following schedule:

• employee self-assessments completed by May 5;
• performance summaries completed by managers by May 31.

The Laboratory is coordinating this effort with LANS as part of
the transition process. This coordination envisions that in July,
new organizations under LANS will develop ORC scores and hold
normalization meetings incorporating information captured by the
interim exercise. In August, organizations will conduct meetings
between employees and managers in anticipation of a Performance
and Salary Management exercise for fiscal year 2007. Salary
adjustments will be determined in September.

While I am reluctant to require additional work during this
overwhelming period, I believe that an interim performance summary
initiative is beneficial because it gives employees the benefit of
being reviewed by their current line management in the context of
their current peer group. This will more accurately reflect the
value of the hard work you have provided this institution from
August 1, 2005, to May 31, 2006, when the current University of
California contract expires.

Those with questions about the interim exercise should consult
their managers or their organization’s Human Resources (HR)
generalist. Thank you for your cooperation.

Striving for a work-free safety zone: we may have finally accomplished the mission.
Or are we setting the stage to purge the troublemakers in 12 months by building the paper trail now? After all, if your first negative review is the parting shot from your outgoing UC/LANL manager, how can you claim that your Bechtel/LANL manager had something personal in for you whey they dump you a year from now?
Oh yeah, we have just taken a semi-wothless exercise and changed it to a totally worthless exercise. It is obvious that HR is trying to act as though they are functional.
During previous performance review exercises, thare was an opportunity for employees to challenge their review. So, there was an element of fairness.

Does anybody know if these Intermin Performance Summaries can be challenged?
Oh, absolutely! In fact, we encourage our new, soon-to-be at will employees to challenge their reviews.

Heh, heh. This is going to be easier than I expected.
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