Thursday, April 13, 2006

Richardson engages local townsfolk


First, thank you for the extraordinary service you have provided LANL and
former LANL employees through the blog. You've met a need that all others
have been remiss in fulfulling.

The following quote is from Thursday's Monitor. Please add to your list of
submissions, with specific attention to the following quote from page 2:

Charles Mansfield heads up the Laboratory Retirement Group. He asked
Richardson for help in two areas.
* Get DOE to formalize that they are responsible for employee pensions by
putting it in writing.
* Give one of the retirement group's designated representatives a seat at
the table when DOE begins addressing the actuarial process for retirees.
Richardson promised to help. He also praised Mansfield for his longtime
efforts in helping lab retirees.


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Please sign me,

Would it not be easier and cheaper for DOE to just go ahead and directly run the lab? No pesky contractor management to get in the way if its a Government Owned-Government Operated lab - there are a couple ready in the DOE complex... just federalize the workforce of 10,000 employees... since DOE sets the employment conditions the contractor has to meet, openly interferes with what most private sector business types would see as the traditional employee-employer relationship, approves the salaries/benefits/retirement given to the contractor's employees, why not just end this charade and save the taxpayer some money or better yet, divide the $79 million annual management fee up evenly and give every LANL employee a $8700 bonus each year...
Larry, you just don't get it. In fact, the extent to which you don't get it proves you are a present or former laboratory employee.

I'll try speaking slowly:







Bush; Republicans; corporatization. Money from Bechtel was lavishly given to the the current Republican administration, which encouraged the current administration to put the labs up for bid so that Bechtel could bid on them (and win the contracts) for


There, is it more clear now?
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