Thursday, April 13, 2006

Retiree rate about normal

ROGER SNODGRASS,, Monitor Assistant Editor

The current retirement rate at Los Alamos National Laboratory is running neither hot nor cold, according to laboratory officials. So far, for the current fiscal year, beginning October 2005, there have been 85 retirements.

The numbers available are through the end of March, said James Rickman of the Public Affairs Office.

For comparison - last year, at the end of March 2005, there had been 124 retirements; for 2004, the figure was 66.

For the full year last year, there were 432 retirements, Rickman said, and for the full year of 2004 there were 245.


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I have a hard time believing LANL's numbers about personnel issues because I know so many people who have retired recently or who already have their retirement papers in.
We will probably never know what the true numbers are because LANS, as a private company, will not be subject to the California Public Information Act.
"LANS, as a private company, will not be subject to the California Public Information Act."

Neither was UC. They did, however, fully susbscribe to the Public Disinformation Act.
You will only see the ones who leave. Won't there be many who cash out and are rehired? I think a lot of people talk tough until the deadline comes and then they get scared. I think a lot fewer will retire than the tough talkers on this blog think.
I talked to an HR person at LLNL last week. She said the projected retiree numbers are as follows:

LANL: ~1500
LLNL: ~300

LLNL: ~1500

Retirees this year (who retire by the end of June) should expect a 3 month wait before they receive their FIRST check due to the expected backlog in paperwork.
The folks at Livermore are watching events at LANL like hawks. They know they are next. So whatever happens at LANL will happen at Livermore, more or less, next year. Perhaps this is why some changes have been made in the retirement rules regarding health insurance for retirees.
Thanks to some of these changes, quite a few people at LANL have decided not to retire -- but to wait and see what the new company brings.
Many employees are now considering retiring during the first 4 months after LANS takes over. That way they have their new jobs and they get to double dip. If the new company is fun, they will stay on. Otherwise -- hasta la vista LANS.
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