Saturday, April 15, 2006

Request for information


I received this request for information. The blog seems to be a good place to put it. I have interacted with Eli for a while. He has always been very professional with me. Please post this request so that others can see it.



Dr. Frederic R. Fairfield, President and CEO
Fairfield Enterprises
P.O. Box 1366
Los Alamos, NM 87544
505-662-3115 (if your ISP does not recognize .biz extensions)


I'm looking for a few LANL scientists who would like to talk to me about tough decisions they're facing or have already made. I hope to speak to people middle of next week.

I'm willing to talk to people privately but I am looking for folks willing to speak for the record on some or all of these questions:

--Planning to stay at LANL? Why? Leaving? Why?
--To what extent has the retirement plan issue played a part in your decision?
--To what extent has the question of science's role at LANL played a part in your decision?
--Is this transition being done with enough information provided to employees to make a good decision?
--Do you think that this new contract/contractor is improving/damaging science at LANL?
--What role is this pit production issue playing in the future of the lab in your opinion?
--Who else do you know who might be interesting to talk to who has already left? Or chosen to stay?
--Is the lab doing enough now to attract new talent? To keep good talent? To reward scientific creativity?
--How would you characterize the mood of the lab right now? LANL's been through some tough times, ie the shutdown. Morale better or worse now?

Thanks, Eli
Eli Kintisch, Reporter
Science Magazine
202 326 6446

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