Thursday, April 06, 2006

Putting All Plutonium In 1 Place

BY H. JOSEF HEBERT The Associated Press

WASHINGTON — The Energy Department announced plans Wednesday to consolidate virtually all of the government’s weapons research and development involving plutonium at a single site to enhance security.

The plan, which is part of a broader overhaul of the weapons program over the next two decades, calls for removing plutonium stocks now at the Livermore National Laboratory in California by 2014 and from all current facilities, including Los Alamos National Laboratory, by 2022.

Plutonium — a radioactive material that can be deadly if ingested or inhaled — is now kept at seven facilities within the government’s weapons production and research complex, posing difficult and expensive security issues at some of them.


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"However, in a telephone interview following his remarks on Capitol Hill, D’Agostino would not rule Los Alamos out as a site for a permanent plutonium facility."

Well Duh!

We all know that congress won't cough up the funds for an entire new plutonium production facility. And we all know that LANL is the only working pit production facility. And we all know that the NNSA/DOE/Bechtel/BWXT team is poised to expand the LANL production capacity.

D’Agostino can be coy with the press if he likes, but the only people he's fooling are the fine citizens of Los Alamos, who are too busy fretting about their benefits packages to think about anything else.
I think this is what the DOE Guy has been saying....
It apparently takes a great deal to get through to those fine citizens in Los Alamos. I suspect it will require more than a few headline news articles and the likes of DOE Guy and Pit Whore pointing out the obvious to get them to realize that big-time pit production is in LANL's future.

But, hey! They've all got their benefits packages!
First Los Alamos takes Livermore's director, then takes its Pu... what's next?

Looks like LLNL's days as a major national security lab are numbered...
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Here you go:
Looks like LLNL's days as a major national security lab are numbered...

Personally I am glad to see that the Pu is being shipped out. I only wish it wouldn't take eight years to do something that should only take a few months, however seeing that a bio-weapons lab is coming next I do not see where the surrounding cities are going to be any safer. As a matter of fact I think the damage will be worse if there is an accidental release. I am glad to be gone from this area.
Looks like LLNL's days as a major national security lab are numbered...

If you think that national security is merely defined as X kilotons on target, then you don't have a clue.

Our best weapon of defense is right here:

More surveillance,ie cameras, AVID chips, land line and cell phone taps, Internet monitoring, bank account and credit card files, etc, etc, etc. NSA should have their hands full.
While NNSA has not ruled out Los Alamos as the future Consolidated Plutonium Center (CPC, as they call it), I believe it is unlikely they will place it here.

The NNSA report (Complex 2030) states clearly that TA-55 cannot be expanded to handle the expected Pu workload, so a new facility and accompanying storage capability is needed. So, Congress will have to fund an entire new plutonium production facility no matter where it gets placed.

I have seen no direct indication that NNSA feels LANL is the correct place for the future CPC.
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