Sunday, April 30, 2006

Patent agreement

As I read my LANLS employment form, it appears the patent agreement says "we own it all" as opposed to the older one.

My recollection of the UC patent agreement was "if it is on the job and job-function-related we own it; else, you can have it". The new form says "while you work for us, we own all your inventions".

Before everyone lights up the "LANS is evil" lights, please be aware that this LANS agreement follows standard industry practice; I'm not all that upset, just curious.

Anybody else looked at this?



Another nail in the coffin.

It just gets worse!
I signed one of these many years ago in which the company claimed the right to all future inventions of mine. Needless to say, I haven't had an original idea since.
It is actually worse - many years ago a colleague and I took entrepreneurs leave to start a company. Part way through we found that although we were not being paid a dime, our inventions belonged to the University! Needless to say we immediately resigned. I believe that the situation complained of has been the case in the past.
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