Saturday, April 15, 2006

Nuclear Weapons Complex of the Future

Nuclear Weapons Complex of the Future

It sounds like NNSA would prefer that Congress supply funding for a Consolidated Nuclear Production Center (CNPC), preferably underground, at Y-12. Interestingly, there does not seem to be a cost estimate for a new CNPC contained anywhere in this document. Apparently, if congress decided not to fund a new CNPC, then NNSA would pump money into Los Alamos and Y-12 under a "Modernization In Place" program:

LANL costs to support TA 55 modernization for pit manufacturing:

CMRR building: ~$850 M*

TA 55 building upgrade and equipment: ~$250 M

TA 55 perimeter security: ~$250 M

Infrastructure modernization (SNM waste reprocessing, etc.): ~$ 80 M*

Y-12 costs to support uranium production and processing:

HEUMF for HE storage: ~$320 M*

EUMF for uranium production and processing: ~$750 M

Infrastructure modernization (water, electrical, steam, etc.) ~$140 M*

Security systems ~$130 M*

aah...what fun to start with a blank piece of paper and layout an all new weapons complex...

i realize there is merit for doing this type of study every so often....but they all seem to produce the same results and omit discussion of other serious alternatives and issues...

wonder what the costs would be to shut down and clean up all these existing sites?

Y-12 for CNPC ?? i would guess NTS :)
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