Thursday, April 06, 2006

NNSA clarification - TCP2 retiree medical & Lump sum cashout

Doug -

Find attached something I just found on the LANS web site.
Important to LANL folks.

Please post anonymously.

...and NNSA backpeddles and proceeds to stick it in a little deeper...
They're being consistent all right...consistent in sticking it to the workers! What a pile of &*#$!
Actually, this is not NNSA backpeddling: it is LANS. LANS made the erroneous statement that a future UCRP lumpsumer would be eligible for retiree medical. They put it in writing in their most recent slides and answered the question directly.
However, they were wrong in the interpretation and I do not believe correcting an error that provided a windfall for future retirees is necessarily a bad thing.

The boon would have been getting a benefit we never had before: lumpsum and medical. Since the meeting was only a week or so before the correction, I think they responded promptly to correct the error.

So, "get over it," as Pete would say.
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