Monday, April 03, 2006

Nevada Site Office Post Award Briefing


Please post this anonymously – this topic has been addressed in other recent posts.

Thought it might be of interest, especially Slide 11 (organization chart).


Is it me, or do the same people keep resurfacing???
As John Browne put it "Same monkeys, different trees," an oblique reference to an old joke:

Management is like a tree full of monkeys. Those on top looking down see nothing but smiling faces. Those on the bottom looking up see nothing but a++holes.
I couldn't believe it then, I still wonder whether someone has "photoshopped" this...

What a bizarre world!
So, by the same logic, should we expect to see some former Bechtel NV people showing up at LANL?
Let's see.... 8 white men, 3 non-white men. Hmmmm....
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